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Men's Slim Fit Casual Dress Shirts

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Casual & Dressy Button-up Shirts for Men

Looking for a casual dress shirt with your new, slick slacks? Our casual dress shirts and button-ups have unique design aesthetics and are perfect for all types of events. Don’t wear flannel to everything—change it up with one of our refined button-ups, or wear a short sleeve dress shirt to have a casual, but classy look. Casual dress shirts typically feature bolder patterns, darker colors, and unique buttons. They’re great for parties, evening events, and dates. There’s no event where it doesn’t fit.


What is a casual dress shirt?
A casual dress shirt is a dress shirt that is more appropriate to be worn for everyday events compared to traditional dress shirts. There are a few key differences.

Material: often times the material is more breathable and with less sheen. Casual dress shirts can also come in different styles such as oxford, flannel, chambray, and more. They can come in lower thread count, making it lighter and a less structured collar for more casual occasions.

Also, many casual dress shirts can sport a short sleeve, which should not be worn at more formal events. Short-sleeved shirts are best during the summer, for outdoor events, or indoors in casual settings. You can also transform any dress shirt to a more casual look by rolling up the sleeves and unbuttoning the top button for a relaxed look that's still refined.

Untucked dress shirts are also always considered casual and a dead giveaway when a dress shirt is meant for casual wear.

Can dress shirts be worn casually?
Dress shirts can definitely be worn casually, but you don't want to wear the dress shirts you wear at weddings and funerals out for a casual lunch date. Non-traditional colors such as pink can often be worn casually.