Semi Formal Wedding Attire Male | Dress Appropriately While Stepping Up Your Style

Semi Formal Wedding Attire Male | Dress Appropriately While Stepping Up Your Style

You have received a wedding invitation card, and the dress code is “semi formal,” what does that one mean? If there is one part that couples always pray that their family and friends will get it right, it is the dress code. It is vital to ensure you get the dress code right as you’ll be taking photos with everyone else, including the couple. 

If the invitation says the dress code is semi-formal, picking the right outfit for the wedding can be challenging. Should you wear a tie? What type of shoes should you wear, and what should be the color of your outfit? 

This article contains some helpful insights, so keep reading to learn more. Here is a separate article on men wearing white to a wedding.

What is a Semi-Formal Wedding Dress Code? 
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A semi-formal dress code means the guests can enjoy a more relaxed look. It is different from what is required in a black-tie wedding, where the dress code is strictly formal. A black-tie optional, creative black tie, or black tie dress code requires men to wear a tuxedo or a dinner jacket, which can be expensive. Groomsmen may wish to learn how to pin on a boutonniere.

On the other hand, women may need to wear floor-length gowns, though the rule changes with time. 

A semi-formal attire requires the guests to wear lovely clothing without saving for a tuxedo or an expensive gown. 

Women following the request for a semi-formal wedding attire can go for a cocktail dress. Additionally, the woman can opt for a shorter hemline with bolder prints instead of a floor-length gown. They can also choose elevated separates such as a festive top with tailored dress pants. If the semi-formal wedding is to happen outside, one can also opt for chic flats. 

In terms of beauty, you may want to do away with the cinderella style. Instead, you can go for simple and stylish hair accessories. 

A semi-formal dress code means it is time to do away with the tuxedo or the dinner jackets for men. Instead, you can opt to match a blazer or suit jacket with dress pants. An elegant dress shirt and a jacket are a perfect pick for a semi-formal event. These are the bestselling dress shirts for weddings.

When it comes to choosing the right color for the outfit, you should also consider the season. For instance, dark colors are suitable for winter, while summertime calls for lighter colors. 

Semi Formal Dressing Code Etiquette

semi formal wedding attire pink dress shirt and blazer jacket

If you are not careful, you might end up getting it wrong with a semi-formal outfit for a wedding. The request for a semi-formal dress code is not an invitation to go in casual wedding attire. After all, irrespective of the dress code, a wedding is still a special occasion that calls for elegant dressing.

Plus, the wedding venue can also offer clues on how you can interpret the dress code. For example, a garden party or industrial loft will attract a different tone than a grand ballroom. 

What should you not put on for a semi-formal wedding?

Although it is a semi-formal wedding, the word formal is still present. Thus, some outfits shouldn’t find their way into the event. It would be best if you ditched attires such as shorts, jeans, sneakers, joggers, polo shirts, and T-shirts. 

Additionally, your role as a guest at the wedding is to support the couple and not attract all the attention to yourself. Thus, you should avoid the white color as most of the time, it is reserved for the couple. You should also steer clear of shouting colors and floral prints as you may end up stealing all the attention. 

Daytime Semi Formal Wedding Attire

Semi-formal weddings that happen during the day provide an excellent opportunity for you to step up your style. You can go for a matching suit with light colors such as light gray, tan, pink, etc. 

You can also decide to throw in a pair of suspenders instead of using a belt

Evening Semi Formal Wedding Attire 

The semi-formal weddings that happen in the evening offer a perfect opportunity to don a dark-colored suit. While black is the most common color for men, you can experiment with other colors, including navy blue and charcoal gray. Pair the colors with a white shirt and some stylish dress shoes. 


Semi Formal Wedding Attire Options for Men 

The main variation between men’s formal and semi-formal dressing is determined by the limitations or the lack of constraints. While the formal dress code is strict and requires you to put on a tuxedo or dinner jacket, the semi-formal dress code is more relaxed.

It offers you freedom for self-expression while still maintaining some level of elegance. The semi-formal look still keeps clothes like blazers and suits. If you are not sure about the outfit, you can play it safe by including a tie. Other accessories such as cufflinks for your shirt are optional with the semi-formal outfit. 

Wondering what to put on for a semi-formal wedding? Here are some ideas that you can implement.


White Dress Shirt | The Crescent

If you are looking for a dress shirt that you can don for a semi-formal wedding, The Crescent white dress shirt is an excellent option. The dress shirt stands out due to the lightweight material that makes it perfect for layering and summer. 

You can pair the dress shirt with a suit and a solid tie to achieve the perfect semi-formal outfit. The dress shirt comes with several features that make it an ideal choice for pairing with a suit. 

For instance, it comes with a 100% cotton material that makes it comfortable to wear throughout the day. The material also assists in absorbing sweat, ensuring you don’t soak in your sweat as you perform various activities. 

The white dress shirt has a slim-fit design that enhances your semi-formal look. Plus, the two-button adjustable rounded cuffs enable you to stand out with some additional accessories during the event. 

Additionally, the dress shirt is effortless and straightforward to take care of. It is dry-clean safe, and machine washable for easy cleaning. Here's the other 4 perfect dress shirts for weddings we'd recommend.


Pink Dress Shirt

Do you want to try out something new as you attend your next semi-informal wedding? How about a Pink Dress Shirt that adds flavor to your closet of blue and white shirts. The pink dress shirt is a perfect pick for various occasions, including a semi-formal wedding. 

The pink color makes it ideal for pairing with various suits of different colors and solid ties. The included metal engraved collar stays to ensure that the collars remain straight. Plus, it has a slim-fit body design that makes you look stylish as you attend a semi-formal wedding. 

What’s more? The pink dress shirt comes with a 100% cotton material. The material is comfortable and also absorbs sweat, ensuring you stay comfortable throughout the day. Plus, the two-button adjustable rounded cuffs are additional accessories that enhance your style and elegance during the semi-formal wedding. 

The dress shirt is a perfect pick for various venues and occasions, including garden parties, evening parties, etc. 

Plus, taking care of the dress shirt is an effortless and straightforward process. You can machine wash it and hang it to dry. You can also steam or easy-iron it.   


There you have it, a detailed guide on how you can don a semi-formal wedding attire for men. The leeway for semi-formal attire does not offer an opportunity to go casual. Since it is a wedding, it will be best to ensure you have an elegant outfit. A suit and a tie are excellent options for a semi-formal wedding.

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