5 Best Long-Sleeved Shirts for Men 2024 Reviews | For Formal & Semi-Formal Look

5 Best Long-Sleeved Shirts for Men 2024 Reviews | For Formal & Semi-Formal Look

Long-sleeved shirts are an essential part of your wardrobe. They are ideal for wearing with your suits for formal occasions, or you can pair them with jeans or chinos for a less formal outfit.  

Although every man needs a long-sleeved shirt in their wardrobe, shopping for one isn’t usually enjoyable. 

At Nimble Made, we understand that some people can’t tell the difference between one material and the other, making choosing the right shirt a challenge. Getting the right material is beneficial as you can tell which one is suitable for a particular scenario. Getting the right measurements is also essential. The wrong measurement can mean the difference between a perfect outfit and a ruined one.

Nimble Made

We have ensured we have the right fits for everybody because we believe a perfect fitting shirt makes you comfortable and you’re able to express yourself. What if we told you that our shirts are so perfectly such that you’ll not need to make any adjustments?

We pride ourselves on producing good quality products. We’ve had an experience of how it feels to wear a badly fitting shirt which is why we’ve gone through a thorough thought process to ensure that we have the right products for you.  

There is no shortage of long-sleeved shirts in the market; shopping for the right one is a challenge. So, which is the best long-sleeved shirt, and how do you ensure you land the most suitable one?

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right Long-Sleeved Shirt 

Landing the most suitable shirt doesn’t just happen. You have to look out for key factors to ensure you get the best. Some of the factors to consider include:


The fit of a long-sleeved shirt is a vital factor to consider when looking for a shirt. The wrong measurement can ruin your entire outfit. Additionally, getting the right measurements ensures that you feel comfortable in your shirt so you don't need to shorten the sleeves or wear sleeve garters.

Most men purchase their shirts in either small, medium, or large sizes. However, it’s not surprising to find that the standard sizes don’t fit you because bodies come in different shapes and sizes. The best thing would be to find the right shirt that fits your body type and size. Ensure you get your measurements such as the neck, wrist, arm, and chest checked. 

If you are purchasing a formal shirt, ensure you get the right neck size so that it is not too tight when you button it and it is also not too loose. It will be best if you can place your finger between your neck and the shirt without feeling too tight. 

Ensure that the line connecting the shirt and the sleeve is where the shoulder ends for the right shoulder size. If the line passes your shoulder, it’ll make your body look bigger, and it’ll be noticeable that the shirt is too big for you. On the other hand, if the line comes before your shoulder, the shirt will be too short for you, and you’ll feel uncomfortable while moving around. 

If the shirt is too big, your tailor can modify it to make it smaller. However, it is not recommended as it can deform the shirt. 

If you are buying a formal shirt or a casual shirt, the right size depends on the length. If you purchase a formal shirt and it doesn’t cover your beltline, it is too short. The shirt should cover your crotch area but shouldn’t pass it. This will ensure the shirt stays tucked in properly. If it is a casual shirt, the side of the shirt should pass the belt with a few inches. The front and back of the shirt can be longer but not too long. 

There are various types of cuffs styles, but they have one common rule: if you can slide your hand out when the cuff is buttoned, it is too big. Get a cuff that moves naturally with your suit sleeves. 

For the waist size, the bottom line of the shirt needs to be straight. If the fabric next to the buttons seems like it’s being pulled, it means the shirt is too small for you. On the other hand, if there are lots of extra fabric when the shirt is tucked in, the shirt may be too big. If the shirt is too small, a tailor can’t help out, but the tailor can modify it to fit well if it's too big. 


You can get some standard long-sleeved shirts, and then there are others with special subtle features that you should consider before purchasing the shirt. For instance, some shirts come with pleats. 

You may have seen pleats on pants, but shirts also come with pleats. The pleats are extra folds of fabric at the back of the shirt designed to offer some extra room. Although the style is beneficial, it’ll be best to find out if it is the right style for you.  

Additionally, today’s suit trends tend to be slim fit. Therefore, your choice of a long-sleeved shirt must follow suit. You can’t put on a slim-fitted suit and an oversized shirt. Look out for a shirt that says “fitted,” “tailored,” or “slim.” If you can’t find the best fitting shirt, you can have your tailor do some modifications to help it fit. 


The shirt’s fabric is essential to consider while looking for the most suitable shirt. The type of fabric you choose depends on the season of the year and your preferred style. For instance, if you are looking for a long-sleeve shirt to wear in the middle of summer, you won’t go for the heavy fabric. 

It’ll be best to avoid fabrics such as polyester, which makes a shirt look flimsy, shiny, and cheap. The fabrics are also not as breathable, making them uncomfortable to wear, especially for a prolonged period.

Another factor you can consider while choosing the suitable fabric for your long-sleeved shirt is non-iron materials. The shirts are advertised as wrinkle-resistant or as eliminating wrinkles. However, the treatment they use to make the shirt wrinkle-resistant can make it look shiny and affect airflow, which will make you sweat a lot when you wear it. It’ll be best to try out the shirt before you can purchase it to determine if it is a suitable choice for you. 

Cotton is probably the most popular fabric globally. It is a natural fabric that allows air to pass through and absorbs humidity. It is effortless to take care of a long-sleeve shirt with a cotton material as you can clean it at home. However, the shirt’s color can fade away with time, depending on what is used to color the shirt. 

If you are looking for a long-sleeve shirt with cotton material, ensure it is 100% cotton, as sometimes manufacturers can blend it with viscose or polyester. These materials are not natural and are less breathable, making the shirt uncomfortable. 

It’ll also help a lot if you can go for a soft cotton shirt to wear for an extended period so that you can feel comfortable. If you are looking for a cotton shirt for formal occasions, choose a thinner cotton fabric. Thicker ones are considered more casual. 

Linen is also another fabric you can consider while looking for a shirt. It comes from the stem of the flax plant and has a more crystalline cellular structure, making it more rigid and harder than cotton. It is highly fresh and an excellent choice as a work shirt for hot weather or the beach. However, linen shirts are not the best choice for formal events as the fabric wrinkles a lot. 

Color and Print

The color of your shirt matters a lot as it determines how it will match with other outfits. Your choice of color can also depend on the occasion. 

Solid white and light blue are the basic colors of shirts. They are simple and ideal colors for starters. However, the two colors become boring after a while. 

Once you have the two colors in your wardrobe, it’s time to get creative and branch to other colors. Colors such as light purple, pink, etc., are ideal colors for the spring and summer seasons. However, it is also an excellent idea to be bold and start experimenting with patterns. Plaid-style shirts are an ideal choice as they add color to the moment and are best for making a fashion statement that’s not ordinary. 

If the temperatures are high, it’s time to have fun with your color pallets and go for patterns with lighter colors such as light green. For the winter months, you can opt for muted and rich colors that perfectly match dark business suits. 

Collar Type 

You have several collar choices to choose from, including cutaways, English spread, pointy forward point, and spread collars. With so many choices in the market, you can feel overwhelmed. 

If you feel overwhelmed and need to choose quickly, you can go for the semi-spread collar. It is not too trendy, and it is not very conservative, and it is ideal for matching with any suit and tie. 

Your choice of the collar also communicates your personal style more than your choice of color or pattern. As such, it is best to go for a collar that matches any suit. Another factor to consider while choosing your collar is how it fits your neck. The collar should not fit so tight that it blocks your air supply or makes your face turn red. The right fitting collar size should allow you to pass your finger between the neck and collar without struggling. If you can fit two fingers, it’s too big. 


Long sleeve shirts come in a range of prices. You will get some at low prices while premium ones will cost you a lot. That doesn’t mean the low-priced ones are low quality. You can get a high-quality shirt at an affordable price depending on various factors, including where you shop. 

Ensure you don’t go beyond your budget when you want to buy a long sleeve shirt. Look around until you can get a quality shirt within your budget. 

Cuff Type

There are as many cuff types as there are collar types. Therefore, you need to ensure you choose the most suitable one depending on your style and occasion. 

The most common cuff is the standard, square and straight cuff. The cuff features a sharp right-angle corner and a single button. The two-button style also enables you to adjust how snug your wrist fits. The two-button style cuff is ideal for casual situations, as you can leave the other button open to enjoy a relaxed look. It can come with a mitered, rounded, or square corner. 

The rounded cuff has a rounded arc at the outside corner and is ideal for office situations where cuffs can wear out from the contacts with the office desk. 

If you want to wear a dinner suit, french cuffs are the best option. They are twice the length of ordinary cuffs, folded in half, and secured using cufflinks. It may be too formal for an office look but ideal if you feel fancy.

There are several other considerations for buying a long-sleeve shirt, including pockets, etc. But since we have the basics, the following are some of the best long-sleeve shirts you can find in the market:

Best Long-Sleeve Shirts  

1. White Dress Shirt | The Crescent

Are you in the market for the best long-sleeve shirt for formal wear? If yes, look no further than the crescent. It is a slim-fit shirt that makes it ideal for wearing with a fitting suit for a complete official outfit. The white color is ideal for matching with several other colors. 

The long-sleeve dress shirt is an excellent choice for summer fashion due to its lightweight material and layering. The lightweight and soft material make it comfortable to wear for an extended period. If you wear it to work, you can wear it with your favorite tie.

What’s more?

The Crescent white long-sleeve dress shirt features a 100% cotton material construction. Cotton is a natural material that allows air to pass. Therefore, the material makes the shirt breathable and comfortable even in hot weather. If you sweat a lot, this shirt is for you as the material helps to absorb sweat, ensuring you remain comfortable and confident all day.

It features two-button adjustable rounded cuffs that make the shirt stylish. If you want to wear it for a casual event, you can open one of the buttons to achieve a more relaxed look. There are a few straightforward instructions to follow when it comes to taking care of the shirt. The shirt is machine washable, and you can hang it to dry. It is also dry-cleaning friendly, and it is easy to iron and steam.  


  • The rounded cuffs make the shirt stylish
  • Cotton material makes it breathable
  • Ideal for people who sweat a lot as it absorbs the sweat
  • Simple instructions for taking care of the shirt


  • Not ideal for cold seasons
2. Black and White Flannel Button-Down Shirt | The Script

If you're going to a casual event, don't forget to wear The Script to make a statement. The shirt has accented black and white stripes, giving it a checkered appearance.

Additionally, it features a button-down collar that makes it stylish and ideal for any casual setting. The slim-fit design is also an essential feature as the shirt doesn’t look too big on you or too small. It also makes it comfortable to wear as you can move freely without being restricted by the size. 

The Script Black and White Flannel Button-Down Shirt features a 100% cotton material. The material is soft on your skin, meaning you can put on the shirt for a prolonged period without feeling uncomfortable. The material is also breathable, making it ideal for hot weather conditions as it enables you to remain cool and fresh. 

It is also an ideal choice for people who sweat a lot as it absorbs sweat. Therefore, you can remain comfortable and confident all day without the fear of sweat patches showing on your shirt. 

What’s more?

The shirt features a two-button rounded cuffs design which enhances its stylish design. You are free to open one of the buttons to achieve a more relaxed and casual look. The button-down collar is also ideal. 

Plus, it comes with simple instructions on how to take care of the shirt. For instance, you can machine-wash it and hang it to dry. You can also use a dry cleaner to clean the shirt, and it is also easy to iron and steam. 

You can match the shirt with a pair of jeans or chinos to complete the casual look. The black and white stripes offer you a variety of pants colors that you can match the shirt with.  


  • The cotton material makes it comfortable on your skin
  • Stylish design
  • Easy to clean and iron
  • The breathable fabric enables you to remain cool even in hot weather


3. Striped Blue Dress Shirt | The Grand Canal

Are you looking for a man’s versatile shirt ideal for both official and casual occasions? Look no further than The Grand Canal Striped Blue Dress Shirt. The Grand Canal stands out from the others due to its thin blue stripes that make it ideal for business formal and smart-casual occasions. It is an all-around shirt that you can wear to the office from Monday to Friday, and also wear it when going for a dinner date.

The thin blue stripes make the shirt unique and also offer some elegance. You can match it with a black fitting suit and an elegant pair of shoes to attend the most formal events. You can match it with any type of attire, including jeans, chinos, blazers, sports jackets, etc. 

Today, the trend for suits and shirts is slim fit. You cannot ruin a slim-fit suit outfit by wearing an oversize shirt. As such, The Grand Canal blue striped shirt doesn’t disappoint as it comes with a slim-fit design, which makes it stylish. 

As mentioned earlier, when looking for a shirt, you should go for 100% cotton material to enjoy the best comfort. Since cotton is a natural material, it allows air to pass, ensuring you feel fresh and cool at all times. The cotton is also soft on your skin. Therefore, The Grand Canal is an excellent shirt, especially for hot weather. Since it has a 100% cotton construction, you can enjoy the comfort and fresh feeling on your skin. 

The white and blue striped shirt features an English semi-colored collar and a twill pattern. The collar metal engraved stays is also included in the package. 

The two-button engraved cuffs also help to enhance the style of the shirt. They also make it an ideal choice for formal and casual events. 

In taking care of the shirt, you can put it in a dry cleaner for cleaning and machine-wash it. You can hang it to dry, easy iron, and steam it. 


  • The slim fit design makes it an excellent match with a slim fit suit
  • It is ideal for both formal and casual events
  • It is ideal for matching with any attire, including blazers, jeans, etc
  • The cotton material makes it soft and comfortable on your skin


  • Price can be on the higher side      

4. Wrangler Authentics Men’s Fleece Shirt

If you want a long sleeve shirt that you can wear on the job and while going out for an event with your friends, the Wrangler Authentics Long Sleeve Fleece Shirt is an ideal choice. The shirt has a functional and versatile style that makes it ideal for any occasion. With the 100% polyester material construction, the shirt offers you functionality and also makes you stylish. 

The shirt is what you need as your new wardrobe favorite. The two-sided brushed fleece has the material to keep you warm throughout the season. It is a perfect choice for layering during cool fall evenings and winter. It doesn’t restrict movement, which helps to keep you warm during cold days. 

What’s more?

You can expect to have the Wrangler Authentics long sleeve fleece shirt for a long time as it is durable. The shirt comes with durable finishings and heavy-duty plastic buttons that make it long-lasting. It also comes with a design that makes it possible to keep the cold air out and the warmth in. It is the ideal choice for making a fashion statement in winter. 

Plus, you don’t have to worry about where to put all your necessities as the shirt comes with two-button front pockets for easy access storage. The shirt is available in various colors, including blue buffalo plaid, grape leaf buffalo, dune buffalo, birch buffalo, total eclipse plaid, green camo, etc.


  • It has a design that keeps warmth in and closes cold out
  • It makes you look stylish during the cold days
  • Easy access for your necessities
  • Long-lasting


  • It may not be an ideal choice for formal business occasions

5. Van Heusen Men's Long Sleeve Shirt

You have more than enough reasons to choose a Van Heusen long sleeve dress shirt as your long sleeve shirt of choice.

For instance, you will find the shirt in various colors enabling you to choose your favorite. Some of the colors you can find in the long sleeve shirt include black, deep sea, leaf, lavender, persimmon, purple velvet, etc. 

The shirt is ideal for various occasions, including casual and formal occasions. The shirt features a classic chest pocket design, which offers perfect storage for all your essentials. The single front chest pocket is a classic for a serious man who means business. 

The shirt is an excellent choice for men on the move. It is wrinkle-free, meaning you get it directly from the wardrobe and wear it. It is also machine washable, but you don’t need to dry clean it. 

Do you like wide-knot ties? If yes, the Van Heusen is an ideal choice for you. It comes with a spread collar with a modern traditional design that allows you to use tie knots of various sizes, including wider ones. 

The long sleeve shirt features an adjustable cuff with two button positions, allowing for a more customized and improved fit. It has a blend of 65% polyester and 35% cotton, making it comfortable to wear. 


  • Allows you to wear tie knots of various sizes, including wider ones
  • It allows for a more customized fit with the adjustable cuff
  • A classic design chest pocket that secures all your essentials
  • It is wrinkle-free, enabling for easy care


  • The sleeve length can be off


Are you in the market for a long-sleeve shirt? Long-sleeve shirts are ideal for formal wear as you can wear one with your suit. Other long-sleeve shirts are suitable for casual occasions. When looking for a long-sleeve shirt, you have several factors to consider to ensure you get the most appropriate shirt. 

Some factors to consider include measurements, color, pattern, fabric, collar type, cuff type, pocket design, etc. The trend today is to have a slim-fit suit. As such, you should also go for a slim-fit shirt to go with the suit. If you are looking for the best long sleeve shirt, above is a list of some of the best long sleeve shirts you can get in the market.

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