What Is Twill Fabric?

What Is Twill Fabric?

Written by Tanya Zhang

Introduction to Twill Fabric

If you're taking a deeper look into dress shirt fabrics, clothing materials, or weave patterns, we have all the information you need in this guide about what twill fabric is, how it's used, and what different types of twill fabric there are.

Contrary to a plain weave fabric, twill fabric is a type of textile characterized by its diagonal pattern. It is made by interlacing yarns in a pattern that produces a distinct twill weave line whereas plain weave fabrics are smooth and without a pattern.

In a recent analysis titled "Analysis of the Influenced of Plain and Twill Structures on Woven Fabric Properties", twill fabric is found to have more wear index than plain fabric and is found to be less resistant to abrasion compared to plain weave fabric.

The twill weave pattern is achieved by passing the weft threads or yarns over one or more warp threads yarns before passing under one or more warp yarns. This creates a unique texture and draping quality that makes twill fabrics desirable for a wide range of applications.

How Is Twill Fabric Used?

Twill fabric is a versatile fabric and can be used in a variety of ways from fashion to industrial use. Here are some common ways it is used:

  • In clothing: Twill fabric is often used for pants, jackets, and skirts. Cotton twill is a popular choice for casual wear, like jeans and khakis, while wool twill is used for more formal attire, like suits and blazers. dia

  • In home decor: Its durability and strength make it ideal for furniture upholstery, while its soft texture and draping quality make it a popular choice for bedding and window treatments.

  • In industrial settings: Twill weave fabric is used for heavy-duty purposes like tents, tarps, and awnings. Its tight weave and resistance to tearing and abrasion make it ideal for outdoor applications.


wool twill and cotton twill in casual clothing

What Different Types of Twill Fabric Are There?

There are several different types of twill weaves, including:

  1. Cotton twill: The most widely used type of twill fabric. It's a soft, breathable fabric that's commonly used for clothing, upholstery, and home decor.

  2. Wool twill: A durable and luxurious fabric often used for formal clothing, such as suits, blazers, and trousers.

  3. Polyester twill: A lightweight and durable fabric that's often used for sportswear, activewear, and outdoor clothing.

  4. Silk twill: A luxurious and delicate fabric that's often used for high-end fashion and accessories. It's lightweight and has a subtle sheen, making it a popular choice for scarves, ties, and other accessories.

  5. Herringbone twill: A decorative twill fabric with a distinctive zigzag pattern commonly used for suits, blazers, and other formal wear.

  6. Drill twill: A heavy-duty twill fabric that's often used for workwear, uniforms, and industrial applications. It's a strong and durable fabric that resists tearing and abrasion.

There are many different types of twill fabric, each with its unique properties and uses. Read out article on cotton vs polyester for a more in-depth analysis of different fabric types.

Cotton Twill Fabric for Clothing

Twill fabric is a popular choice for clothing due to its durability, texture, and drape. The fabric is commonly used for pants, jackets, skirts, and other garments.

Cotton twill is often used for casual wear, like jeans and khakis, due to its soft texture and comfortable fit. This fabric also makes it a great choice for hiding stains and dirt, making it practical for everyday use. In addition to casual wear and denim jeans, cotton twill is also used for more formal garments, such as blazers and trousers.

Wool twill is another popular choice for clothing, particularly for formal wear. Its smooth texture and ability to hold a shape make it perfect for suits and blazers. Wool twill garments are often more expensive due to the higher cost of the material and the extra care required during production.

Twill fabric can also be found in activewear apparel and sports clothing, as it offers excellent breathability and flexibility. Polyester and nylon twill are often used for this purpose, as they are lightweight and moisture-wicking. Here's how a twill pattern looks like on a men's slim fit tie.

Twill Weave for Men's Dress Shirts

While cotton twill is commonly used for casual clothing and denim, like jeans and khakis, it's also a great choice for more formal garments, such as dress shirts for men. Cotton twill dress shirts are particularly popular due to their durability, comfort, and versatile style. Here's a guide on how many dress shirts you should own.

One of its key features is its texture, which gives it a unique slant pattern that sets it apart from other fabrics, adding depth and character to professional dress shirts, making them a more interesting alternative to plain cotton or other materials.

In addition to its texture, cotton twill is also a breathable and comfortable fabric, which is essential for men's dress shirts. It allows air to circulate freely and wicks moisture away from the face of the fabric and body, keeping the wearer cool and comfortable even in warmer weather, making it a practical choice for everyday wear. This is our favorite 100% cotton twill weave blue slim fit dress shirt from Nimble Made.


men's dress shirt in a cotton twill weave fabric


Dress shirts come in a variety of colors and patterns, from classic solid colors to more adventurous prints and designs. They can be worn with a suit and tie for a formal look or dressed down with jeans or chinos for a more casual style. The versatility of this fabric makes it a great choice for any occasion, from a day at the office to a night out with friends.

Overall, cotton twill fabric is a popular choice for men's dress shirts due to its durability, texture, and comfort. Its pattern adds character and interest to dress shirts, making them a stylish alternative to plain cotton or other materials. Whether for work or play, dress shirts are a versatile and practical addition to any man's wardrobe.


Frequently asked questions about Twill Fabric

What is the difference between cotton and twill fabric?

Cotton is a type of fiber, while twill is a type of weave. Cotton can be woven into many different types of fabrics, including twill, which is characterized by its diagonal lines and is commonly used for clothing and home decor.

Is twill 100% cotton?

No, not all twill fabric is made up of 100% cotton. It can also be made from other materials or blends of materials.

Is cotton twill stretchy?

It depends on what kind of blend the cotton twill is made up of. Some cotton twill fabrics may contain spandex or elastane fibers, which can provide a stretchy and comfortable fit. However, not all cotton twill fabrics have stretch.

Is twill fabric good for winter?

Twill fabric can be a good choice for winter clothing, depending on the weight and fiber content of the fabric. Heavier twill fabrics made thick enough from wool or cotton blends can provide warmth and insulation, while lighter-weight twill fabrics may be better suited for layering or warmer climates.

Is twill a good fabric for summer?

Twill can be a good fabric for summer, depending on the weight and fiber content of the fabric.

Is polyester the same as twill?

Polyester and twill are not the same; twill refers to a type of weave, while polyester is a type of synthetic fiber.

What is a cotton twill?

Cotton twill is a type of fabric that is made by weaving cotton yarns in diagonal lines.

What is the difference between cotton and cotton twill?

Cotton is a type of fiber, while cotton twill refers to a type of weave made from cotton yarns.

What does cotton twill feel like?

Cotton twill can feel soft, sturdy, and slightly textured, depending on the specific type of cotton and the weave pattern.

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