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Find the Best Tux Shirt for Your Personal Style and Budget

Let’s face it; whether you buy or rent a tuxedo, you’re going to want to buy your own tuxedo shirt. You may not want to rent a tux shirt that has been worn by another person. We have a separate guide on whether a tuxedo shirt or dress shirt would be more fitting.


As such, it will be best to get yourself a high-quality tuxedo shirt to rock to a wedding or a black tie event. If you are having a wedding, it’s best to get well-fitting shirts for your groomsmen to create uniformity. (Consider gifting them to your groomsmen.)


As you look for the best tuxedo shirt, it will be best to look for pieces that fit your personal style and budget. But there are tons of tuxedo shirts in the market! How will you find the most appropriate shirt in terms of style and budget?


Worry no more as we have researched and compiled a list of the best tux shirts for weddings and any other events. 


What Is a Tuxedo Shirt?

Do you know the difference between a tuxedo and a suit? Is a tuxedo shirt an ordinary dress shirt that you can wear with your usual suit to the office? What is the anatomy of a tuxedo shirt?


A tuxedo shirt will send some shivers down the spines of some men. You don’t want to stick out as the most unstylish during a business meeting when you want to make important business connections. As such, tuxedo shirts are meant for the most formal settings, especially where the stakes are high. 


Simply put, a tuxedo shirt is a more elegant form of a dress shirt, and it is supposed to be won with the most formal attire like black tie wedding dress codes. The shirts are meant to be streamlined with a tuxedo. Thus, they have a few noticeable differences from the usual dress shirt.


Tuxedo Shirt Anatomy

If you check using an ordinary eye, you may not notice any difference between an ordinary white dress shirt and a white tux shirt. However, if you ask any expert, you’ll realize there is a significant distinction between the two. 


The tuxedo shirt features a unique construction and styling that announces its formality and sets it apart from ordinary dress shirts. 


One of the most outstanding features of tuxedo shirts, irrespective of the brand, is the high-quality material used in making them. The tuxedo shirt is meant to be comfortable, crisp, and classic. As such, most tuxedo shirts have a cotton construction, making them durable, natural, breathable, soft, and absorbent. 


When you choose the cotton material, you must also consider the different types of shirt weaves. You’ll have to take into account the weight of the material, its appearance, and construction when deciding which are the best tuxedo shirts for you. Additionally, you need to consider the event you want to attend and the aesthetics you want to achieve with your dressing. You’ll have to choose between twill and broadcloth. 


Twill fabric refers to a tight and opaque weave that features some texture in the form of diagonal lines and a bit of sheen that makes your shirt have the formal appeal. 

Twill weaves are heavier and thicker than broadcloths, making them an excellent choice if you want a tuxedo shirt to keep you warm. They also drape better and are less likely to wrinkle. 

 broadcloth fabric for mens shirts

On the other hand, broadcloth is a fabric woven tightly with a reduced sheen. The fabric comes with little to no texture. Broadcloth tuxedo shirts are more prone to wrinkles, and they are generally lighter and thinner than the twill. Broadcloth weaves also have a bit of visible transparency. 


Broadcloth weaves on a tuxedo shirt also feature a wide range of quality when it comes to the density of the weaves. The density of the yarns can also be described as the thread count.   

The high-thread twist tuxedo shirts can be expensive, but they have a luxurious feel.


Both twill and broadcloth options work perfectly with your tuxedo shirt. Your choice boils down to your preference and budget. 


What about color? What is the best color for your evening tuxedo?


Despite what you may have seen with various celebrities, white is the only respectable color of a tuxedo shirt. A pristine white shirt offers an excellent base upon which you build your black tie. 

However, some people think it is theoretically acceptable to change the color of your tuxedo shirt. If you wear a black shirt, you should keep everything standard to not dilute its formality. 


White tuxedo shirts are more popular as they fit any black-tie event, and they are also easier to find when you go shopping. However, white tuxedo shirts are prone to getting dirty, and they may not be the best option for eccentric men. On the other hand, black tuxedo shirts are sleek, fashion-forward, and an excellent pick for a monochromatic look. However, the black ties are considered non-traditional and not appropriate for most black-tie events.    


Also, a tuxedo shirt requires cufflinks to complete the look, which calls for French cufflinks. French cuffs are meant for formal occasions, and you require cufflinks to secure the cuffs. A barrel cuff is considered too casual for a tuxedo shirt. If there is one time to showcase your stylish cufflinks, it is while wearing your tuxedo shirt for a business event. 


French cuffs are either rounded or square, and either option is appropriate for wearing with your tuxedo shirt. 

 mens black and white formal tuxedo shirt

Our 6 Best Tuxedo Shirts

Our selection of the five best tuxedo shirts that effortlessly combine timeless elegance with modern flair. Keep reading as we explore these distinguished options, ensuring you're impeccably dressed for any formal occasion.


  1. Milani Men's Tuxedo Shirt with French Cuffs and Bow Tie

    best tuxedo shirt with white collar black bow tie

    Are you looking for the best tuxedo shirt for your next formal or professional event? The Milani Men’s Tuxedo Shirt with French cuffs is a perfect pick for a man who wants to purchase one shirt for various events. You can also purchase it if you want to add it to your tuxedo collection. 

    The shirt features a traditional wing-tip collar construction and a classic fit that makes you stand out from the rest of the men in the crowd. It comes with a performance cotton blend that makes it comfortable and a perfect fit.  

    Additionally, the tuxedo shirt comes with sewn-on buttons that are attached to the shirt placard. The French cuffs allow you to use cufflinks for an enhanced style, while the single-needle tailoring makes it stylish and durable. It also comes with a bow tie to complete the formal or professional look as you step out for the event.
    french sleeve cuffs pleated front bow tie included for best tuxedo shirt

    It features a ¼ inch wide pleats on each side, while the 60% cotton and 40% polyester material makes the shirt comfortable to wear for a prolonged period. The high-quality men’s tuxedo shirt has a drawstring closure. If you want to clean the tux shirt, you can either clean it using your hands or a washing machine. When it comes to straightening the shirt, you are required to use a warm iron box.  

  2. Luxe Microfiber Men's Regular Fit 1/4 Inch Pleated Tuxedo Shirt

    best tuxedo shirt with white collar black bow tie

    If you are in search of a high-quality formal tuxedo shirt that will meet your needs, search no more since the Luxe Microfiber Men’s Regular Fit tuxedo shirt will exceed your expectations. 

    The 100% Luxe Microfiber tux shirt is designed with comfort in mind to ensure you are comfortable and relaxed even with prolonged wear. The tuxedo shirt is relaxed at the chest, armholes, waist, and sleeves, enhancing comfort. 

    It is a perfect pick if you want to step out and make a fashion statement. With its excellent craftsmanship, exquisite design, and detailed finish, the tuxedo shirt beats other designer shirts that are twice its price.  

    Are you worried you may not get the right size of the Luxe Microfiber Men’s regular tuxedo shirt? Don’t worry since the tuxedo shirt is available in various sizes ranging from XS to 7XL. The sleeve sizes also range from 30-31 to 40-42, ensuring you get the perfect fit. 

    The shirt is a ¼” pleated front long sleeve formal shirt with a perfect wing collar. The button-up tuxedo shirt will have a perfect look with a long tie, no tie or bowtie. Plus, the tuxedo shirt features pleats that run the full shirt length. As such, there is no more coming untucked. 

    If you are looking for a comfortable feel on your skin, the Luxe Microfiber tuxedo shirt is a perfect pick. With the exclusive Luxe Microfiber fabric, the tuxedo shirt has a soft feel, guaranteeing comfort. Additionally, the fabric material doesn’t shrink or fade. Plus, it is easy to take care of the shirt. You only need to wash, dry and wear it.

    The tuxedo shirt is an excellent pick for all your formal events and jobs as you can wear it as a formal shirt or as a tuxedo shirt. It also comes with a convertible placket that you can wear with up to 5 studs or buttoned. The buttons are break-resistant and cross-stitched, making them long-lasting and secure. It also comes with some extra buttons in case you need to replace one. 

  3. NEIL ALLYN Men's Banded Collar

    best tuxedo shirt with white collar black bow tie

    For those seeking an impeccable blend of style and practicality, the Neil Allyn Men's Cotton Blend Tuxedo Shirt emerges as a top-tier recommendation. Boasting a versatile 65% polyester and 35% cotton composition, this shirt effortlessly combines durability, breathability, and adaptability, making it a reliable choice for a wide range of occasions.

    Designed to stand the test of time, this tuxedo shirt's solid construction ensures it can withstand repeated washings without compromising its form. It remains an ideal choice year-round, regardless of the weather, promising a consistently sharp and polished appearance.

    Embracing an understated elegance, the classic laydown collar showcases Neil Allyn's commitment to timeless style. With a 1/4 inch pleated front, this shirt subtly elevates your formal attire, making it suitable for a variety of black-tie events and formal occasions.

    The shirt's versatile design extends to its compatibility with various accessories. Whether paired with classic bow ties, formal vests, or other cufflinks, the Neil Allyn Men's Cotton Blend Tuxedo Shirt effortlessly complements your personal style while ensuring you're impeccably dressed for any event.

  4. Sir Gregory Men's Regular Fit Tuxedo Shirt 100% Cotton

    best tuxedo shirt with white collar black bow tie

    Look no further than the Sir Gregory Men's Regular Fit Laydown Collar Tuxedo Shirt. A testament to meticulous craftsmanship, this shirt effortlessly encapsulates sophistication and ease, making it an impeccable choice for your formal engagements.

    Crafted from a precisely balanced blend of 65% polyester and 35% cotton, this tuxedo shirt strikes the perfect equilibrium between durability and breathability. Its robust construction ensures it emerges unscathed from multiple washes, consistently presenting a polished appearance that remains unwavering throughout the seasons.

    The hallmark of this shirt lies in its classic laydown collar, an embodiment of understated elegance that transcends fleeting trends. Enriched with a delicate 1/4 inch pleated front, it adds an element of refinement that's tailor-made for an array of formal events - be it weddings, gala evenings, or distinguished gatherings.
    white pleated bib best mens tux shirt

    Venturing beyond its inherent grace, the Sir Gregory tuxedo shirt harmoniously accommodates a range of accessories. Whether it's your preferred bow tie, personalized cufflinks, or a complementary formal vest, this shirt effortlessly adapts to your individual style, ensuring you're exquisitely attired for any occasion that comes your way.

  5. Gollnwe Men's Tuxedo Shirt Wing Collar

    full tuxedo shirt zoomed out

    For those in pursuit of an exquisite blend of refined aesthetics and unparalleled comfort, the Gollnwe Men's Tuxedo Collar Shirt stands as a prime choice. This tuxedo shirt is a testament to meticulous craftsmanship, effortlessly combining timeless allure and contemporary ease, making it an impeccable addition to your formal repertoire.

    Crafted from a harmonious blend of materials, this tuxedo shirt harmonizes elegance and comfort. Its thoughtful composition ensures a remarkable equilibrium between durability and breathability, allowing it to remain polished and refined even after multiple washes, ensuring a consistently polished appearance.

Types of Tuxedo Shirt Collars 

Wing Collar Evening Shirt 

The wing collar tuxedo shirt collar is the traditional tuxedo collar type appropriate for a formal black tie. If you go for a wing collar evening shirt, ensure you place the bow tie in front of the wings instead of the bow tie resting on top of the wings. 


Additionally, with a wing collar tuxedo shirt, the bow tie’s band will be visible. As such, a clip-on will be noticed if you are wearing one. It will be best to learn how to tie one yourself. Although it may not be easy at first, you’ll eventually master the art. 


Turndown or Spread Collar 

The turndown collar of tuxedo shirts was introduced in the first half of the twentieth century by the Duke of Windsor. The Duke of Windsor hated the stiffness of dinner clothes, and he introduced the turndown collar as an alternative. 


The turndown collar allows you to feel more comfortable and natural, which guarantees greater style. 

Today, spread collars have gained popularity among tuxedo shirt lovers. Purists argue that a spread tuxedo collar requires a pleated front or a bib to underline the shirt’s formality, although this is becoming less of a requirement.


Due to the enhanced popularity of the spread tuxedo collars, it is now harder to get the wing collar evening shirts. 


How to Wear a Tuxedo Shirt 

Before you can wear your tuxedo shirt for an evening event, there are some pointers that you need to consider. 


For instance, a tuxedo shirt needs to be worn with a tuxedo. It will look strange wearing a tuxedo shirt with an ordinary suit or with anything less formal. The tuxedo shirt is very formal and would look out of place in an informal context.


Additionally, you need to ensure that your shirt fits perfectly. Most tuxedo shirt brands ensure that they provide the tuxedo shirts in various sizes so you can pick the size that fits you accurately. 


As mentioned earlier, tuxedo shirts also come with French cuffs. As such, you should wear your evening shirt with cufflinks or silk knots. You can opt for silver metals to ensure that your look remains elegant and subtle. 


Should you wear tuxedo trousers with belts?


Tuxedo trousers don’t come with belt loops. Instead, you should use the tighteners on the sides of your tuxedo trousers to tighten them, or you can wear them with braces. 


Tuxedo shirts come with buttonholes with no buttons. Sometimes, the buttons can be covered using a cotton strip that is sewn on the placket. 


The buttonholes without buttons are meant to accommodate studs that also come in various styles. The studs should have a silver metal construction with onyx stone at the center. Some shirts come with studs you can remove, or they are sewed in.  


mens black and white tuxedo suit jacket accessory

Final Thoughts 

There you have it. A list of the best tux shirts in the market. As you buy your tuxedo shirt, ensure you get the right collar, size, color, etc. Since the tuxedo shirt is highly formal, you should wear it with a tuxedo with lapels and not a casual or ordinary suit.



1. What shirt should I wear with a tuxedo?

If you want your tuxedo to look its best, wear a white shirt. In some formal occasions, such as proms, black shirts can be acceptable, but they can never have the same macho appeal as a white shirt beneath a black coat.

2. Can tuxedo be worn with shirt?

Yes, but first, let us clarify a few things before we move on. Traditional tuxedo shirts have a wingtip collar, pleated bib, French cuffs, and a plain front with studs. The best combination of a black silk bow tie and a tux shirt is always black.

3. How are tuxedo shirts different?

Tuxedo shirts traditionally feature buttonholes on both sides of the shirt in place of four (or five) top buttons on the front. An ornamental stud fastens the shirt instead of buttons, as cufflinks do on French cuffs.

4. What kind of shirt should I wear with a tuxedo?

The best way to get the most out of your tuxedo is always to wear a white shirt. In formal settings, such as proms, black shirts can be acceptable, but they don't add as much macho appeal as a white shirt worn underneath a black coat.

5. What is a pleated tuxedo shirt?

The best way to get the most out of your tuxedo is always to wear a white shirt. In formal settings, such as proms, black shirts can be acceptable, but they don't add as much macho appeal as a white shirt worn underneath a black coat.

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