Taeksu Kim

Model Showcase

A look into the lives of our Community Creatives

Taeksu Kim, San Diego, CA.

What inspired you to venture into modeling?

"I have a photographer friend, and I eventually became more interested in picture in overall.But one day she showed me a picture on Instagram of a certain middle Eastern male model staring dead into the camera, and I could feel something very mesmerizing and powerful from his gaze. And I wanted to try it myself."

All photos by Jayne Chong

How would you describe your modeling style?

"Haha, I don’t think I really have one, just trying to not look awkward. I try to be more intentional with what my body does and what kind of vibe I give off. And for more serious shots, I try mimic the gaze that had inspired me."

What do you hope people get out of your modeling photos?

"There’s a purpose behind each shot, something the photographer wants to express through the picture, and I try my best to extend that to the viewers."

As an Asian model, what does a good fitting shirt mean to you?

"A good fitting shirt means good waistline, shoulder width and sleeve length. If they are not the best fit for my body type, I try to modify the looks to the best of my ability by either tucking in/folding the back of the during front view shots, flexing my lats, or rolling up sleeves."

What is your full-time gig? Any side hustles?

"I am a student at UCSD, selling chocolates on the side."

Place you most want to travel next?

"It’s really hard. Japan, Bali, China, Iceland, Canada. There are just too many places I want to travel to."

Favorite song at the moment?

"Viva la vida - Coldplay."

Your go-to outfit?

"Plain sweater with jeans/cotton pants."

Favorite Nimble Made dress shirt?

"The Waterbend."

Best menswear accessory you can't live without?

"Necklace, but I often just tuck it under shirt."