Jayne Chong

Photographer Showcase

A look into the lives of our Community Creatives

Jayne Chong. San Diego, CA.

What inspired you to venture into photography?

I was introduced to photography by my middle school teacher who saw I had the eye for photos when I played around with her new Canon DSLR. I didn't fall in love with photography until I realized the endless creativity you can do with photos. It was when I started experimenting with different styles of photography and just loved everything that you could photograph. Even to this day, I don't have a niche because everything is so unique and fun to photograph. I think the moment when I got hooked onto photography was when I started to travel more. That's where the magic really happened for me. It's when I realized that you could capture an image in an absolute foreign place and be able to convey what you saw and felt through an image.

What is your photography style?

"I would say I don't have a particular style of photography that I like to box myself in because I really do enjoy photographing everything and anything. If I really have to choose what style makes me the happiest to shoot--landscape and action."

What do you hope people get out of your photos?

"To be absolutely general, I would say to be in awe. Especially with my landscape and action photography, it's always nice to have people find it fascinating or even think it's photoshopped entirely. Their curiosity towards photos is definitely something I strive for because you always want to leave your audience wanting more."

As a photographer, what does a good fitting shirt mean to you/in your photos?

"Great fitting clothes are essential in photos! I've had my fair share of experience working with not-models and professional models. I can tell you that based on wardrobe alone, it makes a huge difference. I can make my friends who aren't models look like models with the right fitting clothes. I think a great example would be my first NimbleMade shoot. I shot it with friends who have never modeled before but with the right clothes, they look absolutely stunning!"

What is your full-time gig? Any side hustles?

"I'm currently a creative producer for my day job. I also freelance in photography and design occasionally when I can find the time."

Place you most want to travel next?

"Iceland or New Zealand."

Favorite song at the moment?

"RNP by YBN Cordae ft. Anderson .Paak"

Lens of choice?

"85mm f/1.4 || 14mm f/2.8."

Your go-to photo spot?

"La Jolla, CA (Since I live nearby, I shoot here a little way too much but still love this place)."

Favorite Nimble Made product?

"White Collar Speckled Dress Shirt. Love the classic white with that minimal detail!"

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