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Men's Slim Fit Non Iron Dress Shirts

Leave the iron behind with premium men's wrinkle-free dress shirts from Nimble Made. Whether you're taking your dress shirts out from your closet, drawer, car, or luggage, the sinking feeling you get when you see shirt wrinkles and realize you have no time to iron is one most men can relate to. But with our men's slim fit non-iron dress shirts, we're happy to report that that stress can be completely sidestepped. The special anti-wrinkle dress shirts in this collection allow you to avoid the iron, regain your time, and focus on tackling your day - while looking your best. Browse all of our popular non-iron dress shirts below and be sure to pair your purchase with our premium metal collar stays and fashionable men's ties.

Non Iron & Wrinkle Free Dress Shirts

No one likes ironing their dress shirts. We're excited to introduce Nimble Made non-iron dress shirts so that you don't have to touch your iron again. Save time and money with these performance dress shirts that will remain wrinkle-free. With a variety of long-sleeve shirts, you'll have no trouble finding several choices that you'll fall in love with - whether for work or play. Our shirt collection is a must-have for any wardrobe for a man who wants a clean, cut look with our form-fitting dress shirts. These shirts are also great under a suit and tie for a complete look in a more formal environment. Always look sharp with a well-planned outfit - only complete with our cotton-blend non-iron shirts that will give you a crisp, clean look.


What does non iron mean on a dress shirt?
Non iron dress shirts are dress shirts that require little or no ironing due to fabric that's been treated to be more wrinkle resistant. Non iron dress shirts are usually ready to wear after it's been cleaned and needs little to no steaming. They can also have a stiffer feel to the fabric due to the treatment.

What happens if you iron a non iron shirt?
If you iron a non iron shirt you can damage the fabric permanently especially at a high setting. Depending on the fabric, the treatment, and the brand, use as low a temperature as possible. Light steaming can often resolve any small wrinkles in non iron shirts.

Are non iron shirts worth it?
Iron shirts are worth it if you don't like ironing as they'll resist most wrinkles if taken care of. However, one con of non iron dress shirts is that they tend to not be quite as sharp or crisp as traditional dress shirts and may have a stiffer feel to them.