Sean Wang

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Hi, I'm Sean Wang from Los Angeles, CA.

What inspired you to venture into modeling?

My freshman year of college was a time for firsts. First time away from home, first time dancing. So when one of my friends started asking around for models for a photoshoot with an actual clothing brand, I thought to myself, “Huh this could be another first” and reached out, even though it was intimidating at first. I almost didn’t send that message to her because I didn’t think she’d pick me for the shoot, but I guess fate favored me that day.

Photos by Jayne Chong

How would you describe your modeling style?

I like modeling in what I’d wear on any given day. But I’m the kind of person to put effort into my outfit regardless of whether I’m going out with friends or just running errands. So when I model, I feel confident in what I wear. If I modeled in anything else, I’d feel stiff and awkward. As for my specific style, I like modeling in sharp, dapper clothing.

What do you hope people get out of your modeling photos?

My friends know that I goof around and have no filter, so when they see me in my Instagram photos looking all serious and “model-ey,” they’re always like “Yo who is this person?” And that reaction is pretty satisfying. I like subverting people’s expectations of who I am.

As an Asian model, what does a good fitting shirt mean to you?

In the modeling industry, people model in a variety of silhouettes, but at the end of the day, a shirt that conforms to the shape of my body is what I’ll always feel the most confident wearing. I think baggy streetwear looks good on others, but ten times out of ten, I’d choose to model in something slim-fit.

What is your full-time gig? Any side hustles?

I’m a full-time student at USC. My side gigs as of now are TBA.

First and second photos by Jayne Chong | Third photo by Bernard Yu

Place you most want to travel next?

"New York City."

Favorite song at the moment?

"Chicago Freestyle - Drake"

Your go-to outfit?

"A black tee, a black leather jacket, blue jeans and black converse low tops"

Favorite Nimble Made dress shirt?

"The Waterbend."

Best menswear accessory you can't live without?

"Silver necklaces."

Photo by Bernard Yu

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Photo by Jayne Chong