Gerome David

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A look into the lives of our Community Creatives

Gerome David. Bayonne, New Jersey

What inspired you to venture into modeling?

When I was in college, I simply wanted to be different; I wanted to have a unique college experience. My sister enticed me to audition for this multi-media fashion show called ChinaNite, hosted by CSO (Chinese Student Organization), during my sophomore year. Luckily I got in and I continued to do ChinaNite for the rest of my college career. That's where I learned a lot about fashion from my peers, whether it be being exposed to different clothing styles, color palettes, or outfit executions. More importantly, I learned how to pose properly. After college with more time on my hands, I started to study fashion on my own. I also started to experiment with my outfits; I was always thinking, "can I pull this outfit off?" or "how can I make this outfit better?" or "what type of style am I trying to show?"

I wanted to document my outfits so I'd asked my friends to take pictures of me with my phone. I'd upload these outfit photos on social media, where it then caught the eye of some friends who were photographers, stating that I had some uniqueness to my style. I wasn't really comfortable posing in front of the camera, but I sucked it up and started to do a couple of photoshoots with friends. I started to believe that modeling was a great way to express my craft of creating outfits and letting the world see what I came up with. To this day, I still feel the same. 

Photo by Roger Lin

Photo by Jonathan Lin

How would you describe your modeling style?

"Recently, my modeling style is very dynamic. It usually fits into the setting, the clothes I am wearing, and the attitude I'd like to portray. For example, I did a lifestyle shoot concept in my friend's living room. A lot of the poses were very simple because I wanted to tell a story that I was just relaxing on a Sunday afternoon wearing comfortable, lounging clothes."

What do you hope people get out of your modeling photos?

"The message I want to convey from my modeling photos is that fashion is not just a materialistic idea, but another form of art."

We created our Actually Slim Fit so guys could find confidence and feel comfortable in the clothes they wear. As an Asian model, what does a good fitting shirt mean to you?

"For me, a good-fitting shirt is defined in how well it translates to a certain outfit style I'd like to portray in my photos."

What is your full-time gig? Any side hustles?

"I'm currently a mechanical engineer working full-time at a healthcare manufacturing facility. That's about it! But if anyone would like to ask me for fashion advice, I am more than welcome to answer them. Just DM me!"

Photos by Jonathan Lin

Place you most want to travel next?


Favorite song at the moment?

"It's Not Living (If It's Not With You) - The 1975."

Your go-to outfit?

"Oversized Black Hoodie, Black Dickies, Nikes."

Favorite Nimble Made dress shirt?

"I love simple white dress shirts. The Crescent."

Best menswear accessory you can't live without?

"A shoulder bag."

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