Sean Chee

Photographer Showcase

A look into the lives of our Community Creatives

Hi, I'm Sean Chee. NYC, New York.

What inspired you to venture into photography? 

"I first picked up a camera during the last week of middle school. This was a time in which I became a lot more extroverted, and I simply wanted to savor the memories through images. I used a chunky looking Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W7. I had no idea how the settings should have been set. I just clicked away. In high school, it was pretty much the same story. However that's when I decided to invest in my first DSLR, a Nikon d3000. I was exposed to a basic photography class, but still mainly only took photos when my friends and I hung out. College then started, and I got too caught up in life. It wasn't until my junior year in which I interned in Seattle in which I started shooting again. This time I was shooting a lot of beautiful landscapes in the Pacific Northwest. Heading back to NYC made me shift direction to more street photography since NYC lacked the natural terrain of Mother Nature. Instead I found beauty in NYC's non-stop hustle. As time went by, I dabbled a lot in street and portrait photography, and eventually even in food and events. Currently I primarily shoot on my Canon 6D. I had no idea that photography would allow me to meet many amazing talented individuals. Many of them have such genuine hearts, and it's made me want to continue to improve my craft, all in all while maintaining a fun atmosphere."

What is your photography style?

"I'd say the most photography I've participated in is portrait photography. It started out with just taking photos of friends for fun. The more exposure that I've gained led to more and more paid projects. I tend to enjoy shooting in different environments, allowing models to interact with the foreign surroundings and for me to find new unique angles. I never did like being like the average Joe. Personally I want to live a life I love, dancing to my own beat. I want this to reflect my photography. I want my shots to be original, taking slight inspiration from my peers. The photography I love to do the most though would be street photography. A candid moment frozen in time is something that can never be exactly replicated and that's such a beautiful thing. I tend to do the most street photography when I walk through the city without any particular destination in mind. This is when I feel most at peace. As for my edits, I try not to make too many changes. By trait, I'm a photographer and I don't want to alter the true essence of a photo I captured."

What do you hope people get out of your photos?

"When I find a picture I really like, it makes me feel some sort of way. I'd be smiling ear to ear, cringing in disgust, shivering from my spine, etc. I want my viewers to have these sorts of feelings. I want my content to be interpreted and felt by others. Most of all I want to be a positive influence to them. It's an amazing feeling knowing that I could make an impact on others just by being myself."

As a photographer, what does a good fitting shirt mean to you/your photos? 

"I absolutely love shirts that fit me. For me, maybe it'd a perfect physical fit or maybe a little bit on the larger side. What matters most is that I can feel comfortable in it! With Nimblemade's Slim Fit shirts, I feel comfortable, sharp, and ready to go!"

What is your full-time gig? Tell us about your side hustles

"Currently my full-time work is at a UGC company called Pixlee as a Customer Support Manager. This actually catches a lot of people by surprise since I mainly post my creative side throughout social media. Being a photographer is my main side hustle. However, I also am an urban dancer with an all male dance team called THEM. We perform and showcase throughout the tristate area here on the east coast. Slowly getting more into cooking and baking too, so stay tuned for potentially Chef Chee in the near future!"

Place you most want to travel next?

"Malaysia! I want to visit my grandma post COVID!!!"

Favorite song at the moment?

"E.T.A. by Justin Bieber."

Lens of choice?

"Zeiss 1.4 50mm."

Your go-to photo spot?


Favorite Nimble Made dress shirt?

"The Crescent."

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