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Men's Spread Collar Dress Shirts

Men’s spread collar dress shirts are one of the most popular dress shirt styles. Knowing this, Nimble Made has curated a wide variety of spread collar dress shirts for men that will fit like a glove. All of our men’s dress shirts are designed to deliver an unrivaled slim fit to give you a timeless, put-together look. Wide collar dress shirts are an absolute essential in a man’s wardrobe so why not choose something that fits you well and makes you feel your best? Order new men’s spread collar dress shirts today!

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The Spread Collar dress shirt, also know as a wide collar dress shirt, is a versatile collar style and a nice change from the traditional collars dress shirts typically have. As the name suggests, the biggest difference is the gap between collar points. Spread collars are great for wardrobe diversity, and can generally be paired with Half-Windsor, or Windsor knots when worn with a tie. We encourage men to have a variety of collar options like the traditional Point Collar, or more casual styles like the Button-Down collar.


Most of our shirt actually have a spread collar so if you're looking for this type of collar then no worries - we have a variety of options whether you're looking for non-wrinkle dress shirts, casual dress shirts or classics like white dress shirts and light blue dress shirts.


What is a spread collar dress shirt?

A spread collar shirt is a dress shirt with wider collar points that angle out -- as opposed to pointing down. Because of the additional width and body the collar adds, it's great for those with slimmer faces to help round out their face a little more. Additionally, it's great for anyone looking for a collar with a little more modern flare.

Is spread collar formal?
A spread collar is generally a more formal collar type. Most structured and stiff collars are considered formal. There are many types of spread collars. A cutaway collar, for example, is a collar with extreme spread. This is a newer collar style that is popular with younger professionals and are more modern, than traditional formal collars.

Can you wear a spread collar shirt without a tie?
A spread collar shirt should be worn with a tie. Generally, the wider the spread is for a collar the better it is to wear a tie.