Best French Cuff Dress Shirts | To Make You Look Sharp

Best French Cuff Dress Shirts | To Make You Look Sharp

French cuffs weren’t always a popular choice in men’s dress shirts. Only in recent years has the style enjoyed a resurgence, and it’s about time. Known as double cuffs elsewhere in the world, French cuffs are notable for their length and appearance.

If you want to look your best (and who doesn’t?), you’re going to need to know what the best French cuff dress shirts are. I already did the research for you to bring you an exhaustive list of the best of the best. Before we get started, let’s briefly go over some history so that we’re all on the same page.

French Cuffs Explained

French cuffs are characterized by a piece of fabric folded back and then fastened together with cufflinks. Both sides of the cuffs have a hole, which passes through all the fabric layers. As such, French cuffs typically have a total of four holes. 

That said, there are some manufacturers that like to include more holes on the inside of the cuff, giving you six in all. The reasoning for the extra length of French cuffs has been muddied a bit throughout history.

But whatever their original intent, I’m pleased because they keep my dress shirt from riding up under my suit jacket when I raise or move my arms. It’s a simple yet ingenious fix that helps you stay looking sharp.

French cuffs, like other cuff styles, can have many shapes. Straight edges are certainly the most common, but you will also see angled edges, mitered edges, and rounded edges, as well. 

So, who is the French cuff for? Well, it’s wildly popular on Wall Street, and politicians frequently wear them. If you’re attending a black-tie event, you’ll want to wear French cuffs with one of our recommended best tuxedo shirts for men.

It’s interesting to note that, until recently, French cuffs were typically reserved for older gents. That’s all changed now, with many younger men appreciating and wearing French cuffs on a regular basis, whether in the office or otherwise.

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When to Wear French Cuffs

Traditionally, it was widely accepted that French cuffs were only be worn in formal settings, like black tie events. However, daily dress standards are far more relaxed these days, welcoming French cuffs for a variety of occasions, not just black-tie.

Below are some excellent examples of when you’d want to wear French cuffs. But remember, you certainly don’t have to limit your wearing them to just these examples. If you’re happy with the way you look and you feel good about wearing them, then by all means, do so.

Black Tie Event: French cuffs are essentially mandatory at a black-tie event. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that you’d look out of place not wearing them. Unless you attend these events regularly, you shouldn’t need to invest in a pricey French cuff shirt. 

Wedding: French cuffs are not required for you to wear at weddings. But they can inject character and personality into your attire. Just make sure you clear it with the groom if you’re not the one getting married. I wouldn’t want it to look like I’m trying to upstage the star attractions, and you shouldn’t, either.

Business Attire: If your job requires you to wear suits on a daily basis, sporting French cuffs to work is certainly not out of the question. Depending on how professional you’re expected to dress, you might even wear French cuffs every day.

Job Interview: You don’t need to wear French cuffs to most job interviews. But if you’re vying for a position in the legal or financial industry, I’d say go for it. You want to look your best for jobs in these fields, and French cuffs will allow you to do so with ease.

Casual Clothes: French cuff dress shirts are starting to appear among more casual styles, with eye-catching patterns and bright colors. They match well with a variety of outfit types, too. So feel free to experiment with different casual styles. 

Best French Cuff Dress Shirts

Now that you have a basic understanding of French cuffs, it’s time to talk about the best dress shirts. Which one(s) you decide to go with gets down to preference and budget. All of the French cuff dress shirts that I’ve included here deliver on quality and performance.

As such, you can opt for a more affordable brand and still look fantastic and professional without compromising quality. 

Brooks Brothers Stretch Dress Shirt

Brooks Brothers is your source for fine clothing. Whether you need to look nice for work or you’re planning for a wedding, you can count on Brooks Brothers to deliver. This company has such a wide variety of formal styles that you’re sure to find something you like.

What I appreciate about Brooks Brothers’ French Cuff Dress Shirts is that they aren’t overly expensive. Granted, some options are high, but you can find French cuff shirts starting at less than $100. Take the Stretch Dress Shirt. It’s only $98, and you can get it in different fits to ensure optimal comfort.

When buying from Brooks Brothers, you’ll come across fits that include Soho, Milano, Regent, and Madison. These are Extra Slim, Slim, Regular, and Relaxed, respectively. The Stretch Dress Shirt is made of a combination of spandex and American-grown Supima cotton. 

If you’re unfamiliar with Supima cotton, it has finer fibers than Egyptian cotton. This makes Supima-borne clothing softer than Egyptian options, and you can comfortably wear them for extended periods without compromise.

Brooks Brothers has a massive selection of French cuff dress shirts, ranging from all manner of styles, colors, designs, and patterns. The Stretch Dress Shirt is notable for its affordable price, quality construction, and long-lasting comfort.

In my research of Brooks Brothers’ French Cuff Dress Shirts, I found nearly all of them to carry high ratings from consumers. To me, that’s the mark of a trusted manufacturer, to be sure. So whether you’re a seasoned professional looking for affordable French cuff styles or a novice who doesn’t want to spend a fortune right out of the gate, Brooks Brothers is an excellent destination.

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Turnbull & Asser Plain White Cotton Shirt

Turnbull & Asser is an English company that produces all of its clothing in Gloucester. It’s one of the few remaining English clothing brands to do so, making them a premium choice for people who want superior quality from the very country the brand originates from.

You can find just about any style you’re looking for, whether it be for a wedding or daily wear for work. Remember, if you’re from the ‘States and browsing their website, you won’t find “French cuff” verbiage. Instead, they are called “double cuffs.”

You can find many double cuff dress shirts on Turnbull & Asser’s website, accommodating your every preference and need. To keep things basic, the Plain White Cotton Shirt is a fine example of Turnbull & Asser’s attention to detail and dedication to quality.

I wanted to use one of the company’s most basic double cuff dress shirts to make a point, however. Yes, you’re getting French cuffs, and the workmanship that clearly went into crafting this shirt is off the charts. But it will set you back just under $400 after tax.

Compared to Brooks Brothers’ sub-$100 French cuff dress shirt, that’s a massive difference in price. If you’re just getting started with French cuff shirts, I have a hard time recommending Turnbull & Asser. Yes, they are made with incredible quality. But you don’t need to spend so much to get a fine French cuff dress shirt. 

Unless your profession dictates that you dress exceptional for clients, you can look great without breaking the bank. I should also point out that Turnbull & Asser’s Plain White Cotton Shirt price is about average for the company.

Some eclipse $600, so be prepared to spend a handsome sum if you want one of the best double (French) cuff dress shirt brands in the industry.

Indochino Custom-Made & Premium

And now for something completely different. If you can’t see yourself spending hundreds of dollars on a dress shirt, French cuff, or otherwise, Indochino is right up your alley. This Canada-based clothing company offers custom-made dress shirts and premium options.

Both range between $79 and $159. As such, Indochino is a fantastic resource for affordable French cuff dress shirts. I like that they also have a plethora of choices for your consideration, ensuring that you can easily find the perfect dress shirt that fits your needs.

Whether you’re planning for a wedding or looking to impress your clientele, Indochino is sure to have something for you. I also like the custom-made aspect, as it allows you to fine-tune your clothing down to the finest details. 

You can also choose between barrel French cuffs and angled French cuffs, both of which look attractive and are very well-made. The fact that Indochino’s prices are incredibly affordable is the icing on the cake. 

What’s more, you can often find incredible deals, like any three shirts for just $199, for example. That’s a stellar bargain and all the more reason why Indochino’s made it into this guide to the best French cuff dress shirts.

You can look great without having to spend a small fortune. And the fact that you get to choose how your shirt is made makes it a win all the way around.

Twillory French Cuff Blue Houndstooth

Twillory is a “modern” clothing brand that specializes in providing precision-made threads for professional men. Among the brand are two main series, the first of which is the SafeCotton shirt. This series is made of non-iron cotton that does not contain formaldehyde.

And then there’s the Performance Shirt, which is made of a mixture of SafeCotton and moisture-wicking material. As such, these shirts provide optimal performance during those days when you’re highly active.

I’m rather fond of Twillory’s French Cuff Blue Houndstooth dress shirt. It looks sharp and sports the same features found in Twillory’s other dress shirts, such as reinforced seams, metal collar stays, and exceptional craftsmanship. 

Even better, you can pick up Twillory’s French cuff dress shirts for a fraction of what many competitors charge. Indeed, you’re looking at prices between $59 and $99. It’s hard to beat that for high-quality French cuff dress shirts. 

The only potential downside is that Twillory doesn’t have as many options compared to the competition. At present, there is only a total of nine French cuff dress shirts. Still, for the novice who is just getting introduced to French cuffs for the first time and doesn’t want to invest a lot of money, Twillory serves as a fine introduction.

Eton Shirts Light Blue Signature Twill Shirt

This Swedish clothing company is a mainstay in Europe that’s been around since 1928. With plenty of experience on its side, you can look forward to investing in premium quality. All Eton shirts are made from Californian or Egyptian cotton, delivering long-lasting comfort and performance. 

The Light Blue Signature Twill Shirt is one of the brand’s notable French cuff offerings. It brings plenty of versatility to the table for a dress shirt that fits the bill for a variety of occasions. Whether you’re looking for evening wear or classy business attire, this shirt is sure to turn heads in or out of the office.

Moreover, this particular dress shirt is wrinkle-free, so you never have to worry about losing your appeal. You’ll stay sharp all day long and into the night, which is a must-have feature for business professionals who need to look their best at all times. 

As with Twillory, French cuffs aren’t Eton’s main forté. Rather, you can find a wide variety of other cuff options through this clothing brand. As such, you’re pretty limited on French cuff dress shirts. At the time of this writing, I was able to find just three French cuff shirts on the manufacturer’s website. 

Still, what’s offered looks absolutely stunning. You can look forward to stellar workmanship on Eton’s clothing and at a price that is fairly reasonable when compared with some of the other entries in this guide (about $250). 

You’re not spending a fortune, and you’re getting one of the best French cuff dress shirts known to man, limited as they might be.

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Wrap Up

I hope you found this guide useful in helping you find the best French cuff dress shirts. As you can see, this clothing option isn’t cheap, and you’ll usually spend upwards of $200 for a high-quality French cuff dress shirt. 

This makes brands like Brooks Brothers, Indochino, and Twillory all the more impressive. Seasoned business professionals will undoubtedly want to look into the more expensive offerings if not for sheer selection alone.

But guys who just need one or two French cuff dress shirts in their wardrobes can get away with buying an inexpensive brand and stopping there. As it stands, Brooks Brothers gets my top pick, as they have high-quality French cuff shirts at a price you can afford. As such, they’re the most balanced brand and absolutely worthy of your attention.



1. What is the difference between French cuff and standard cuff?

The French cuff is double the length of a normal cuff and is closed with cuff links. Typically, French cuffs appear paired with more debonair collar designs or formal shirts.

2. Should you wear French cuffs?

Almost Never is the Wrong Time to Wear French Cuffs. When dressing up an outfit, French cuffs are a good choice. Many people believe. Many people believe that French cuffs should be worn with a tuxedo at a black-tie event or something similarly formal. This is not the case.

3. Are cufflinks out of style?

Cufflinks remain fashionable and have become even more affordable for those who like to wear them. People frequently notice small details about others in a professional or commercial setting.


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