Adrian Sulit

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Adrian Sulit - Long Island, New York

What inspired you to venture into modeling?

My wife was the one who actually inspired me to venture into modeling. I've always enjoyed throwing on a suit and tie - just the feeling of looking your best always gave me that extra push to keep working hard! She one day said, why don't you just start a page? It'll be fun, you're already wearing what you like all the time and I'll just get your picture! We got to enjoy working together and the rest was history :)

How would you describe your modeling style?

"A hybrid of classic and modern! I like sticking to the classic fits, i.e. double breasted suiting, suit and tie, but add a little bit of flair! That flair could be just about anything. Floral shirt or tie, pastel colors, suit separates, full on floral suits or non traditional color suiting (anything other than your typical black, navy or gray. Never been afraid to try something out of the ordinary!"

What do you hope people get out of your modeling photos?

"I hope people find great ideas for outfits, but more specifically find that confidence and being true to yourself is of utmost importance. You can have the best look in the world, but if you aren't confident wearing it, it can turn into the worst look in a second. Finding what you love to wear, finding something that speaks to you, and being 100% confident in it is key. Your confidence will shine through any piece of clothing you wear and the rest will take care of itself! Moreover, don't wear something just because you feel other people will like it! Remember that you're wearing these clothes for you - your opinion and how it makes you feel is all that matters!"

As an Asian model, what does a good fitting shirt mean to you and/or how does it translate in your photos?

A good fitting shirt speaks volumes to me! I personally love a fitted/tailored look! I prefer custom suiting and pieces tailored to me so finding a shirt off the rack that actually fits me like a glove was amazing. This carries over to what I mentioned in the previous question quite well - the shirt is something that I love wearing to this day, something that speaks and resonates with my overall style, and one that I feel confident wearing. I'm in a suit 5-6 times out of the week, which means that a dress shirt is a constant so it needs to live up to my personal standard! 

What is your full-time gig? Any side hustles?

For my full-time gig, I work in Healthcare management. More specifically I work in Quality Management for the Clinical Pathology Laboratories. I am also a licensed Medical Laboratory Scientist and still work hands-on whenever I get the chance to. Whether I'm in a suit and tie or white lab coat, I always make sure I have at least a shirt and tie on - always have to make sure you look your best, no matter what! I always say that the first step is to at least look like you know what you're doing, even if you don't! Forever be a student of the game.

Aside from IG, I like to sell sneakers! Well at least try to sell them, because whenever I get the latest drop it takes every ounce of my spirit and heavy convincing from my wife to not keep it LOL. I have a great passion for basketball and collect basketball shoes. If I'm not selling them, best believe I'm rocking them on the court!

Photos courtesy of Adrian Sulit

Place you most want to travel next?

"My barber LOL but for real the Philippines."

Favorite song at the moment?

"Ting-A-Ling - Shabba Ranks hahah - oldie but a goodie."

Your go-to outfit?

"Navy Suit and Maroon/Burgundy Tie!"

Favorite Nimble Made dress shirt?

"The Crescent."

Best menswear accessory you can't live without?


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