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Men's Slim Fit Casual Dress Shirts

Men's casual dress shirts should still look crisp, and with truly slim fit casual dress shirts from Nimble Made, you can be sure you're achieving exactly that. Our supremely soft casual dress shirts for men deliver a more relaxed look that's versatile enough for nearly any event. And with their uniquely trim cut, you can be confident that you can look casual and classy at the same time. With many colors, designs, fits, and fabrics to choose from, explore our entire collection of casual dress shirts below, along with our slim fit flannel shirts and slim fit t-shirts. Casual & Dressy Button-up Shirts for Men Looking for a casual dress shirt with your new, slick slacks? Our casual dress shirts and button-ups have unique design aesthetics and are perfect for all types of events. Don’t wear flannel to everything—change it up with one of our refined button-ups, or wear a short sleeve dress shirt to have a casual, but classy look. Casual dress shirts typically feature bolder patterns, darker colors like purple dress shirts, and unique buttons. They’re great for parties, evening events, and dates. There’s no event where it doesn’t fit. FAQs What is a casual dress shirt?A casual dress shirt is a dress shirt that is more appropriate to be worn for everyday events compared to traditional dress shirts. There are a few key differences.Material: often times the material is more breathable and with less sheen. Casual dress shirts can also come in different styles such as oxford, flannel, chambray, and more. They can come in lower thread count, making it lighter and a less structured collar for more casual occasions.Also, many casual dress shirts can sport a short sleeve, which should not be worn at more formal events. Short-sleeved shirts are best during the summer, for outdoor events, or indoors in casual settings. You can also transform any dress shirt to a more casual look by rolling up the sleeves and unbuttoning the top button for a relaxed look that's still refined.Untucked dress shirts are also always considered casual and a dead giveaway when a dress shirt is meant for casual wear.Can dress shirts be worn casually?Dress shirts can definitely be worn casually, but you don't want to wear the dress shirts you wear at weddings and funerals out for a casual lunch date. Non-traditional colors such as pink can often be worn casually.

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Men's Slim Fit Flannel Shirts & Gingham Pattern Shirts

With their fresh, soft feel, trim cut, and timeless style, our men's slim fit flannel shirts and gingham shirts are the perfect shirt choice for both the fall and winter seasons. Our slim fit flannel shirts are available in different fabric thickness options so you can be just as comfortable during that in-between fall weather days as you are warm in winter. And since this collection offers numerous colors and design patterns, you can also enjoy a versatile array of matching options such as slim fit t-shirts and v-necks. To combine distinctive style with a flawless fit, shop our entire selection of gingham dress shirts and slim fit flannel shirts for men below - and pair your purchase with our comfortable dress socks. Men's Flannel Shirts You asked for them and we delivered. You can finally get flannel shirts from your favorite brand, Nimble Made. You may end up being mistaken for a lumberjack, but no worries - you can swing an ax (or do any other job) all day in our checkered flannel shirts for men.   Our button down shirts are warm enough to wear in a cool breeze, but if it gets any colder they'll work under any sports jacket or vest if you need extra warmth. You can also keep your flannels buttoned up, fully open with a t-shirt underneath to show the world. You can even tie it around your waist for a casual outing, or wear it tucked in if you want a more formal, put-together look. We highly recommend pairing our flannel shirts with a nice pair of jeans for a classic look that'll keep you looking sharp.   With our flannel shirts, you'll stay stylish and can create a number of outfits with them. Our new flannel button down casual dress shirts come in several distinct colors - we bet you'll find a color scheme you like. In case you can't, don't worry - we're constantly doing more R&D at Nimble Made to release more colors and patterns for all of our products. FAQs What are flannel shirts good for?Flannel shirts are good for a number of reasons:1. They are the perfect addition to your closet for the fall season. As the weather transitions from summer to winter and hot to cold, flannels provide some warmth with their long sleeves and a variety of patterns to your wardrobe. They also won't get too warm since they come in a variety of different thickness in fabrics and are lighter than jackets or sweaters.2. They are extremely soft and comfortable. With our 100% cotton fabrics, these flannel shirts are made to last and looking great year round.3. Our flannels are durable and not easily torn or faded. Say goodbye to fast fashion and invest in shirts that last longer. High quality flannel shirts feel good and look good, maintaining its color, quality, and softness throughout the wash cycles.4. Plaid is an unique pattern to have in your closet. Having a flannel shirt with a plaid pattern will diversity your outfits throughout the year. Having a flannel is a great way to change up the patterns on the shirts you wear.Why are flannels so popular?Flannels are very popular for a few different reasons.One of them is that they can be worn by both men and women, and are gender neutral in design (though shirt structure will vary slightly).Another reason is the unique pattern and aesthetics. Flannels are very different from other types of shirts and have their own distinct look. Not only because of the plaid, but the fibrous material often associated with flannels also provide nice, wool-like texture.How long do flannel shirts last?Quality flannels if treated well can last up to a decade, or about 10 years depending on the fabric blend and construction of the shirt.Is flannel good for hot weather?Flannel isn't great for hot weather given its long sleeve. Even though flannels can be relatively thin, they can still get quite warm. Of course, it differs for each person but flannels are not ideal for hot summers or warm, humid weather unless you're wearing a tshirt under and wearing the flannel as an outer layer.

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Men's Slim Fit Non Iron Dress Shirts

Leave the iron behind with premium men's wrinkle-free dress shirts from Nimble Made. Whether you're taking your dress shirts out from your closet, drawer, car, or luggage, the sinking feeling you get when you see shirt wrinkles and realize you have no time to iron is one most men can relate to. But with our men's slim fit non-iron dress shirts, we're happy to report that that stress can be completely sidestepped. The special anti-wrinkle dress shirts in this collection allow you to avoid the iron, regain your time, and focus on tackling your day - while looking your best. Browse all of our popular non-iron dress shirts below and be sure to pair your purchase with our premium metal collar stays and fashionable men's ties. Non Iron & Wrinkle Free Dress Shirts No one likes ironing their dress shirts. We're excited to introduce Nimble Made non-iron dress shirts so that you don't have to touch your iron again. Save time and money with these performance dress shirts that will remain wrinkle-free. With a variety of long-sleeve shirts, you'll have no trouble finding several choices that you'll fall in love with - whether for work or play. Our shirt collection is a must-have for any wardrobe for a man who wants a clean, cut look with our form-fitting dress shirts. These shirts are also great under a suit and tie for a complete look in a more formal environment. Always look sharp with a well-planned outfit - only complete with our cotton-blend non-iron shirts that will give you a crisp, clean look. FAQs What does non iron mean on a dress shirt?Non iron dress shirts are dress shirts that require little or no ironing due to fabric that's been treated to be more wrinkle resistant. Non iron dress shirts are usually ready to wear after it's been cleaned and needs little to no steaming. They can also have a stiffer feel to the fabric due to the treatment.What happens if you iron a non iron shirt?If you iron a non iron shirt you can damage the fabric permanently especially at a high setting. Depending on the fabric, the treatment, and the brand, use as low a temperature as possible. Light steaming can often resolve any small wrinkles in non iron shirts.Are non iron shirts worth it?Iron shirts are worth it if you don't like ironing as they'll resist most wrinkles if taken care of. However, one con of non iron dress shirts is that they tend to not be quite as sharp or crisp as traditional dress shirts and may have a stiffer feel to them.

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Men's Spread Collar Dress Shirts

Men’s spread collar dress shirts are one of the most popular dress shirt styles. Knowing this, Nimble Made has curated a wide variety of spread collar dress shirts for men that will fit like a glove. All of our men’s dress shirts are designed to deliver an unrivaled slim fit to give you a timeless, put-together look. Wide collar dress shirts are an absolute essential in a man’s wardrobe so why not choose something that fits you well and makes you feel your best? Order new men’s spread collar dress shirts today! The Spread Collar dress shirt, also know as a wide collar dress shirt, is a versatile collar style and a nice change from the traditional collars dress shirts typically have. As the name suggests, the biggest difference is the gap between collar points. Spread collars are great for wardrobe diversity, and can generally be paired with Half-Windsor, or Windsor knots when worn with a tie. We encourage men to have a variety of collar options like the traditional Point Collar, or more casual styles like the Button-Down collar.   Most of our shirt actually have a spread collar so if you're looking for this type of collar then no worries - we have a variety of options whether you're looking for non-wrinkle dress shirts, casual dress shirts or classics like white dress shirts and light blue dress shirts. FAQs What is a spread collar dress shirt? A spread collar shirt is a dress shirt with wider collar points that angle out -- as opposed to pointing down. Because of the additional width and body the collar adds, it's great for those with slimmer faces to help round out their face a little more. Additionally, it's great for anyone looking for a collar with a little more modern flare.Is spread collar formal?A spread collar is generally a more formal collar type. Most structured and stiff collars are considered formal. There are many types of spread collars. A cutaway collar, for example, is a collar with extreme spread. This is a newer collar style that is popular with younger professionals and are more modern, than traditional formal collars. Can you wear a spread collar shirt without a tie?A spread collar shirt should be worn with a tie. Generally, the wider the spread is for a collar the better it is to wear a tie.

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