Ring Size Calculator: Find the Perfect Fit for Your Ring

Ring Size Calculator: Find the Perfect Fit for Your Ring

Written by Wesley Kang


Purchasing a ring is an exciting experience, be it for an engagement, a special occasion, or a fashion statement. However, the true magic of a ring lies in its fit. A ring that fits perfectly not only enhances its beauty but also ensures comfort. In this article, we will provide a free ring sizer calculator tool and simplify the process of finding the right ring size.

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How to Use a Ring Size Calculator to Get Your Perfect Ring Size

Using a ring size calculator is the easiest way to find the correct size. Here's how to measure your actual ring size accurately with our two methods. There are two main methods for measuring your ring size at home:

  1. Use a string or piece of paper to measure your ring finger
  2. Use an existing ring that fits you well and measure that ring


Let's explore each method in detail below.

 how to measure ring size with tape measurer

How to Measure Ring Size with Thread (Thread Method)

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

All you need is a piece of string, thread, or a piece of paper, and a ruler.

Step 2: Wrap the String Around Your Ring Finger

Wrap the string around the base of the finger where you intend to wear the new ring. Make sure it's not too tight or too loose. Take note of where the string ends by pinching the exact spot. If using paper, you can mark the exact spot where your paper ends meet. With this method, you are measuring the circumference of your finger.
how to measure ring size with thread floss visual infographic

Step 3: Measure the String

Flatten your string or paper against a ruler to measure the length of the string in millimeters (circumference of your finger).

Step 4: Use the Ring Sizer Chart

Now, use our online ring sizer. Enter the measurement in millimeters, and it will provide you with your US ring size. You can also consult the chart below to quickly get your US ring size.

 Measurement (mm) with Thread Method US Ring Size
44.3 3
44.9 3.25
45.5 3.5
46.2 3.75
46.8 4
47.4 4.25
48.0 4.5
48.6 4.75
49.3 5
49.9 5.25
50.5 5.5
51.1 5.75
51.7 6
52.4 6.25
53.0 6.5
53.6 6.75
54.2 7
54.8 7.25
55.5 7.5
56.1 7.75
56.7 8
57.3 8.25
57.9 8.5
58.6 8.75
59.2 9
59.8 9.25
60.4 9.5
61.0 9.75
61.7 10
62.3 10.25
62.9 10.5
63.5 10.75
64.1 11
64.8 11.25
65.4 11.5
66.0 11.75
66.6 12
67.2 12.25
67.9 12.5
68.5 12.75
69.1 13
69.7 13.25
70.3 13.5
71.0 13.75


How to Measure Ring Size with an Existing Ring (Ring Method)

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Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

All you need is a ring you currently wear and fits well on the finger you'd like to get your size for. Keep in mind that different fingers can be different sizes.

Step 2: Measure Your Ring

Lay your ring down over a ruler or measuring tape to measure the widest part (diameter) of the inner part of your ring. Note that you are measuring the inner length, not the outer length. In other words, do not take into account any thickness of the ring material in your measurement, only the inner circle, or inside edge.

how to measure ring size infographic

Step 3: Use the Ring Size Chart or Calculator

Now, use our online ring size calculator. Enter the measurement in millimeters, and it will provide you with your ring size. You can also consult the ring size chart below to quickly get your US ring size. 

Measurement (mm) with Ring Method US Ring Size
14.1 3
14.3 3.25
14.5 3.5
14.7 3.75
14.9 4
15.1 4.25
15.3 4.5
15.5 4.75
15.7 5
15.9 5.25
16.1 5.5
16.3 5.75
16.5 6
16.7 6.25
16.9 6.5
17.1 6.75
17.3 7
17.5 7.25
17.7 7.5
17.9 7.75
18.1 8
18.3 8.25
18.5 8.5
18.7 8.75
18.9 9
19.1 9.25
19.3 9.5
19.5 9.75
19.7 10
19.9 10.25
20.1 10.5
20.3 10.75
20.5 11
20.7 11.25
20.9 11.5
21.1 11.75
21.3 12
21.5 12.25
21.7 12.5
21.9 12.75
22.1 13
22.3 13.25
22.5 13.5
22.7 13.75

You can compare the two methods on the same finger with our ring size guide to make sure the final ring size matches or is very close.

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Use Our Ring Size Calculator Online

Using either the thread method or the existing ring method, our ring size calculator makes it easy for you to find your perfect ring size. Just enter your measurements below, and we'll make the conversion for you to find your corresponding ring size.

Ring Size Calculator

Recommended Ring Size

No conversion available.
Please try another shoe size.

If you're still unsure, use a traditional ring sizing tool.

Traditional ring sizing tools are inexpensive and still very effective at measuring your ring size. Here are the top 3 products we recommend:

 stainless steel ring size gauge to measure ring size

Frequently asked questions about ring size measurement

How do you calculate ring size?

To calculate your ring size, measure the circumference of your finger and use a ring size chart or online tool.

How big is a size 7 ring?

A size 7 ring typically has a circumference of about 2.14 inches (54.4 mm).

How can I size my ring at home?

You can size your ring at home using a printable ring sizer or by wrapping a strip of paper around your finger and measuring it against a ruler.

What ring size is 2.5 inches?

A ring size of 2.5 inches is exceptionally large and not a standard ring size; double-check your measurements for accuracy.

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