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men’s slim fit dress shirts

"Great color and fit"

Really love this color as it's very unique from most shirts out there. Also the fit is super unique! It's got a higher cut on the armpit which gives me much better range of motion (most times when I lift my arm w/ other shirts, the shirt gets untucked immediately and then needs to be fixed when I let my arm down. this one doesn't have that problem) also with the higher cuff, I never have issues w/ my watch getting caught or covered up. love the style!

- Max

"New Favorite Dress Shirt"

I'm 5'11 and weigh about 135 pounds, so I'm pretty slim. This is the first dress shirt I've owned that I really love! The fit is so much better than any shirt I've owned in the past, even the supposedly "slim" fit ones, and the quality is top-notch. Looking forward to ordering more shirts from Nimble Made!

- Matt

"Fit right out of the box"

Very high quality threading but also super easy to care for and maintain. I can't say enough about these shirts and they're an excellent quality shirt in this price point.
– Austin, Los Angeles

"I may have to buy nimble made shirts for the rest of my life"

My boyfriend looks soooo cute and loves it! He literally was trying it on and goes, “Look how good the back looks, it’s actually tailored to me, and the sleeves fit perfectly." I love that they fit me the way they are suppose to, this never happens! Ive never had a shirt fit me right. And look I have space in the neck I can breathe.

He says it’s his go-to shirt for important meetings now and he’s wearing it to his friends wedding.

- Ariana, New York City

"All about quality and fit"

I looked for two things in a shirt, it’s the quality and fit. Not only did Nimblemade did both, but their story behind the shirts are impressive 

- Josh

"Great essential to have."

The N1 size fits perfectly for me at 5'6" and 125 lbs. This is now a staple in my wardrobe.
- Billy

"Great for gifting too."

After a few hours in this shirt… SERIOUSLY one of the best fitting & feeling shirts I’ve ever worn! If you need holiday gift ideas, check them out.
- Bryant

"I wear it to all my professional events."

Finally, a beautifully constructed dress shirt that actually fits me well. I wear it to professional conferences and whenever I teach class. Highly recommended!

- Desmond

"I didn't realize dress shirts could fit this way."

I could already tell the difference in quality of the fabric and stitching of the shirt, but it just fit in a way I didn’t realize dress shirts could fit.

- Tobias