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Bringing Asian Americans into the big picture

Empowering Asian Talent

We bring Asian talent to the forefront of fashion, photography and across creative fields in the business. We are a company built with the support of diverse photographers, models, motion designers, videographers – all women or people of color. Here’s a window into the world of their growing bodies of work.

Partnering in Unity

As an Asian American brand, it’s crucial that we support and uplift like-minded communities who care about nurturing our cultural legacy. We’ve hosted events, sponsored launches and donated products to name a few of our collaborations.

Giving Back

As first generation Asian Americans, we want to introduce others to viable careers in entrepreneurship. We’ve held workshops at schools across coasts and believe generational wealth starts first with generational knowledge. 

Working on a project that aligns with what we've done so far? Message us in the live chat to connect.

How COVID19 Affects Us
 📦 Shipping Updates (as of Sept 22, 2021) 📦 We are...