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No Dry Cleaning Needed

Our shirts are versatile and can be washed at right home in your washing machine. Or take them to the cleaners for a simple “wash and press." 

Here's our step-by-step guide for using a steamer or an iron:

1. Remove the collar stays

2. Wash on cold cycle using mild detergent, with like colors. After the wash, remove shirts as soon as possible to prevent a musty smell from building

3. Hang drying is best for the least amount of wrinkles and for the longevity of the shirt

4. Ironing or steaming as needed depending on preference and desired look

What about Wrinkles?

Using an Iron

The best time to iron a shirt is when it’s still slightly damp from the hang dry—it makes wrinkles less stubborn and the fabric is more pliable.

Set your iron on medium heat and press in wrinkled areas. Use moderate steam with the spray function or bottle for more stubborn wrinkles.

See our Tips for Wrinkles page for detailed instructions

Using an Steamer

Generally, if there aren’t any harsh wrinkles, particularly in the collar or cuffs, our shirts have an easy-iron finish and do well with using a steamer.

Start with the shirt on a hanger and fasten 2 buttons, one near the top of the shirt, and one near the middle/bottom. We recommend using an oven mitt in one hand and pulling parts of the shirt down gently to straighten and let the steam do the work. Guide the steamer over the shirt and the wrinkles will fade away.