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33 Best Gifts for Your Father-In-Law

 As with shopping for most men, deciding on the perfect gift for your father-in-law can be tricky and stressful. You’re not sure what they want, what they like or what they might already have. Don’t stress too much -- just use this handy guide to help get some inspiration and you’ll surely find something he’ll love.

33. Best Father in Law Gifts

1. Nimble Made Gray Patterned Dress Shirt

nimble made gray patterned dress shirt

    Keep your father-in-law looking sharp with this classic grey dress shirt. It features a patterned weave with gray micro-squares that were actually inspired by Sudoku. It has grey accents on the collar as well to add a little something extra. It’s very easy to iron and maintain, and is made from soft, breathable 100% cotton. This shirt would be perfect on its own or under a blazer or jacket.



    2. Madewell Leather Belt

    madewell leather built

    If you’re not sure what your father-in-law wants, but know that he cares about looking put together, this leather belt is a great option. It’s made in the USA from genuine leather and is available in classic black and warm, saddle brown. The black option comes with a minimalist silver buckle and the brown comes with a bronze buckle, so you can decide which one will best fit his style. It’s a classic belt that would be ideal for both casual and dressy looks.


    3. Nekteck Foot Massager with Heat

    Nekteck Foot Massager with Heat

    This is a perfect gift for a father-in-law that’s on his feet all day and likes to kick back and relax. This foot massager helps to ease pain and tension, while regulating blood flow. The heating function really takes it to the next level to help loosen and relax muscles. It’s ideal to use with any chair or couch, thanks to the 3 customizable height levels. This massager is like a spa at home. 


    4. Romanticist 20pc Heavy Duty BBQ Grill Tool Set

    Romanticist 20pc Heavy Duty BBQ Grill Tool Set

    If your father-in-law loves to grill and entertain, he’ll absolutely love this 20pc grilling tool set. It includes a fork, tongs, spatula, grill brush, basting brush, skewers, corn holders and even a pepper and salt shaker. Everything fits perfectly in the convenient aluminum case. You know these accessories will last because they’re made from professional grade stainless steel.


    5. Nordstrom Men’s Shop Crew Neck Sweater

    Nordstrom Men’s Shop Crew Neck Sweater

    This stylish, minimalist crew neck sweater is perfect for father-in-laws who live in colder climates. It’s available in black and grey, and is made from cashmere-softened cotton making it very warm and extra soft. The comfy fit and extra room around the chest make it ideal for all body types. It’s also not too bulky, so he can wear it on it’s own or under a jacket. 




    6. All Saints Wool Scarf

    black scarf for men

    This is another great gift to give during the winter months and cold climates. It’s made from soft merino wool and features a unique ribbed texter, which really helps to stay snug and in place in the windiest of weather. 


    7. Nimble Made Burgundy Knit Tie

    Nimble Made Burgundy Knit Tie

    Knit materials are the perfect texture for a casual or business casual look. If your father-in-law likes to wear a tie, even in his casual outfits, this burgundy knit tie will give him a modern look. It’s a slim style tie which makes it look very unique and stylish. It also comes with a fun wave printed drawstring bag which is perfect for gifting. 


    8. Canada Goose Northern Liner Gloves

    Canada Goose Northern Liner Gloves

    It’s important to have a good, sturdy pair of gloves for cold, icy winter days. These gloves from Canada Goose are sewn with compact box-quilting that keeps cold air out, so your father-in-law’s hands stay cozy and warm. The cuffs are ribbed to help them stay in place and seal them from the winter air. One of the best things about these gloves is that the finger tips are touchscreen-adaptive, which means he’ll be able to use his smartphone without having to take them off.  


    9. Birkenstock Arizona EVA Waterproof Slide Sandals

    Black Slide Sandals

    Birkenstock sandals are very popular and stylish on anyone. These waterproof versions are styled after the classic Birkenstock look, but perfect for wearing to the pool, beach and other water activities. They’re flexible with a comfy contoured footbed that fits the shape of your foot for all day comfort and support. A pair of these would be a wonderful gift for a father-in-law that’s active with a casual, care-free style. 


    10. Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug

    White ember temperature control mug

    Is your father-in-law a coffee drinker? If so, consider getting him this temperature controlled smart mug that will keep his warm beverages at the exact temperature he selects. The mug is controlled by the Ember app on his smartphone, where he can create custom presets and set the temperature anywhere between 120 and 145 degrees Fahrenheit. It includes a charging coaster that it sits on top of to charge, but has a battery life of 1 hour without it. If other people in the home or office have one of these mugs too, everyone can set their personalized LED color on the mug to easily distinguish between them.


    11. Best Choice Products Air Compression Shiatsu Chair Massager Pad

    Best Choice Products Air Compression Shiatsu Chair Massager Pad

    Give your father-in-law the gift of a shiatsu neck, back and thigh massage at home. This massage pad uses air compression to provide a deep tissue massage that will relieve soreness and tight muscles. The unique 3D motion actually mimics the pressure and feeling of human fingers for an authentic massage experience. Plus, infrared heat helps to soothe and loosen for extra relaxation. 





    12. Icons 53mm Retro Sunglasses

    Icons 53mm Retro Sunglasses

    Ray Ban sunglasses are undoubtedly the most iconic of any. These sleek sunglasses are a classic fit for any style, and any guy, fathers-in-law  included. Help him spruce up his style and give him sunglasses he’ll be proud to show off any time, and anywhere. He’ll love the mix of modern and vintage, and you’ll get bonus points for thinking of such a perfect fit. 



    13. FreshJax Grilling Spice Gift Set, (Set of 5)

    five different spices set

    Looking for a way to get credit for bringing something to the cookout? You might still have to bring a side dish, but if your father-in-law loves to grill, this set is exactly what he needs. With five different grilling spices, there’s a perfect blend to fit any taste, and any dish. This set is a great way to give him a thoughtful gift, but it’s also one he’ll look forward to using whenever he can get grilling. 


    14. Nimble Made Classic Gray Dress Socks

    gray nimble made socks

    Useful gifts can be the best kind if you’re looking for a father-in-law that’s notoriously hard to buy for. These gray dress socks are like nothing you’ve ever given before, and like nothing he’s ever gotten before, even for himself. They give just the right amount of swag to business attire, but he’ll love how they make him feel most of all. They’re made of a soft cotton that ups comfort instantly, and they’re breathable so he’ll stay that way all day. 


    15. Asten Bit Loafer

    black Asten Bit Loafer

    If you have a father-in-law that takes his style, and comfort seriously, take a look at these Asten Bit loafers. They bring upscale comfort and sleek design to another level, and yes, your father-in-law will be stunned with your gift. The angular style is paired with classic Italian leather for a look that stands out, without being loud. The Gancio bit is the cherry on top, making these loafers a can’t miss piece of polished flair. 


    16. Acupressure Foot Massage Mat

    brown Acupressure Foot Massage Mat

    Is your father-in-law the guy that’s always on his feet, and practically has to be forced to sit down and relax? Give him this acupressure foot massager mat, and give him a reason to relax and take a load off. It’s designed with specific acupressure points throughout to help him enhance his overall health, and soothe his aching feet. He’ll be happy to relax at the end of the day with these slip on massagers. 


    17. Hamster Wheel Classic Fit Stripe Polo

    Hamster Wheel Classic Fit Stripe Polo

    A great gift for your father-in-law is usually a useful one too. This polo is an ‘every guy’ kind of style, with unique details that make it stand out from your typical polo. It’s comfortable and breathable, with just enough extra room to keep him happy, whether he’s on the golf course, at the company picnic, or just hanging out at home. Why not be the one to give him his new favorite shirt?






    18. Nimble Made Brown Leather Vertical Card Holder Wallet

    Brown Leather Vertical Card Holder Wallet

    Give your father-in-law a gift that makes him think of you everyday. This leather wallet will last for years to come, as will its classic design. It’s slim enough to fit in front pockets, while still holding everything he needs, including up to 15 business cards. Giving the gift is even easier too, since the wallet comes with its own sleek linen pouch. 


    19. BioLite HeadLamp 330 Lumen

    BioLite HeadLamp 330 Lumen

    Everybody knows a guy that’s the total DIY, home project expert. If it needs to be fixed, he’s the one you call. If that sounds like your father-in-law, a brand new upgrade to his bulky old head lamp is just what he needs. Its thin band and smaller size belies the power it’s packing. He’ll be pleasantly surprised at the ultra bright 330 lumen lamp, and how long it goes before needing a charge (40 hours!).


    20. Travel Daypack

    Travel Daypack in black

    For a father-in-law that’s alway on the go, or exploring the great outdoors, this travel daypack is a dream come true. It’s compact, but it holds way more gear than you would expect. It’s even designed to comfortably fit most modern laptops. Plenty of pockets mean he can keep his gear organized on the go, and even attach it to his luggage for easy carrying. The smooth, semi matte finish is perfect for any taste, even more difficult ones. 




    21. Classic Chain Link Necklace

    Classic Chain Link Necklace in gold

    If you really want to treat your father-in-law, give him something that compliments his style. This chain link necklace has a timeless feel, with modern touches that make all the difference. Even better, the clasp is designed like a clip and buckle, so he’ll never struggle to get it on. He can easily add a favorite pendant, or keep it simple with a chain that looks great with anything else he likes. 


    22. ThisWorx for TWC-01 Car Vacuum

    ThisWorx for TWC-01 Car Vacuum components

    Cleaning out your car on a nice weekend is a time honored tradition for guys, especially for a father-in-law. Show him you appreciate his love of cars with this handy car vacuum. A super strong motor guarantees nothing gets left behind, and the ergonomic design ensures he can keep going on his car as long as he likes. It’s built like a commercial grade detailing vacuum, so you can give hime pro quality at a budget friendly price.


    23. Jackery Portable Charger Jackery

    Jackery Portable Charger Jackery in silver

    Whether your father-in-law is a tech guy, or is barely starting to use a cell phone, everyone knows the stress of not being able to charge your device when it is dying. This portable charger jackery allows you to charge your Apple products anywhere, even when there is no outlet. It also charges your devices quickly, making it easier to charge and go. You can also plug in the jackery to recharge it, while also charging devices at the same time. Best part, the design is very slim and compact, making it easy to bring it with you.


     24. Primula PES-4604 Stainless Steel Stovetop Espresso Coffee Maker

    Primula PES-4604 Stainless Steel Stovetop Espresso Coffee Maker in silver

    Coffee can be a must for some people, making it crucial they get that first cup of the day. If your father-in-law has a preference for espresso, why not get him an espresso maker. This model is run on the heat of a gas or electric stove top, and is easy to use. There is no cumbersome design, crazy controls, or insane number of buttons. The clean up is easy and the espresso model comes in four cup or six cup options.





    25. Crown Royal XR Extra Rare Blended Canadian Whisky

    Crown Royal XR Extra Rare Blended Canadian Whisky a fifth

    Is your father-in-law a fan of whiskey? If so, you should consider giving him a bottle of rare whiskey to enjoy. This Crown Royal XR is an extra rare blend of Canadian whiskey, letting someone who enjoys whiskey take in something special.






    26. Fitbit Versa 2

    black Fitbit Versa 2

    Fitbits are incredibly popular gifts for a wide variety of people. Father-in-laws are no exception, making it something you should strongly consider. Especially with this model, which includes the standard fitness trackers and many other great features. This includes being able to play music, track sleeping, swim in it, and even use Alexa, which is built in. There are six different color options and two different sized bands included in your purchase.


    27. Antarctic Star Refrigerator

    Antarctic Star Beverage Refrigerator Cooler

    Parents can often end up hosting the family get-togethers. Whether it is a family function, or having friends over, if your in-laws entertain a lot, you can expect that they are providing beverages. To help them save space in their fridge, and still provide their guests with a cool drink when they come over, consider buying them a beverage refrigerator cooler. This can hold wines, beers, and sodas, making it perfect for every time they have guests over.


    28. Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker

    Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker in silver

    If your father-in-law is a fan of breakfast sandwiches, but isn’t the best when it comes to making them, why not get him a gift that takes the work out of it. This breakfast sandwich maker from Hamilton Beach cooks all the parts of your sandwich perfectly, and makes it easy to change up your regular meal. He enjoys a great breakfast, and your spouse can feel better knowing that their father is not relying on fast food for their first meal of the day.


    29. Personalized Pocket Knife

    Personalized Pocket Knife with brown wooden hilt

    Pocket knives are an incredibly useful tool to have. Whether it is for outdoor sports, camping, handywork, or other hands on activities, it can be very helpful to have a blade to help you with your work. This pocket knife is constructed of a stainless- steel blade and a wood handle, including a clip to attach it to your person. The handle can be engraved to make it far more personal, and is done with a laser for a better end result.  


    30. Hamilton Beach Electric Indoor Searing Grill

    Hamilton Beach Electric Indoor Searing Grill

    Whether your father-in-law is a master of the grill, or just enjoys the occasional grilled meal, an indoor grill is a great idea for a gift. This is because this Hamilton Beach Electric grill is compact, easy to clean, and can be used anywhere. That means it greatly cuts down on the hassle of standard grills and makes it easier to use on a regular basis. A gift of a grill can help your father-in-law hone his skills and it can lead to some amazing meals as a family.  


    31. Muggies Funny T-Shirt for Dad 

    Muggies Funny T-Shirt for Dad  star wars

    Is your father-in-law a Star Wars fan? Does he enjoy a funny tee shirt? Combine the two with this tee from Muggies. Referencing the Star Wars movies and fatherhood, you can let your father-in-law show off his fandom, while also subtly thanking them for doing a good job raising your spouse. This gift is guaranteed to get a smile out of your father-in-law and may even become his new favorite shirt.





    32. Isner Mile Beard Kit for Men

    Isner Mile Beard Kit for Men

    For a father-in-law with an enviable beard, why not help them make it more impressive with a beard grooming kit. There are the basic items like a brush, comb, and scissors, but also includes more luxurious products. Things like specialized beard wash, oil and balms come in the kit to make sure it is looking its best. A shaping template, trimming tool and even a beard cover are all in the set, making sure your father-in-law gets the luxury treatment.


    33. Amazing Items Personalized 5 pc Whiskey Decanter Set

    Amazing Items Personalized 5 pc Whiskey Decanter Set

    If your father-in-law is a fan of a good drink, what better way to enjoy it than their own whiskey decanter. This set comes with the decanter and four glasses and can be customized with your father-in-law’s name. There are six different styles available to help make the logos on the glass more unique and personal. This decanter can also be used for many different drinks besides whiskey if your father-in-law isn’t a whiskey man.



    Shopping for your father-in-law doesn’t need to be so stressful. Use this list of ideas to help you find a great gift for your father-in-law and avoid worrying about overdoing it or giving a dud gift. These gifts are sure to impress, while still adding that personal touch for your extended family member.