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25 Best Gifts for Sons

As children get older, it can become more difficult to find gifts that they will really like. For boys especially, it can get stressful to find something that they will enjoy and appreciate, without getting them the same type of gift every year. To help you mix it up this year, and still get a special gift for your son, here are some of the top ideas:

25 Best Gifts for Sons

1. Nimble Made Men’s Dark Blue Printed Dress Shirt

 Nimble Made Men’s Dark Blue Printed Dress Shirt

A simple, yet important part of a grown man’s wardrobe is the dress shirt. It is a must for work, formal events, and parties. But men don’t always want to shop for these items. Make dressing well simple for him by giving him a classic, yet slightly more visually interesting version of the blue button down.


2. Fitbit Charge 3 Fitness Activity Tracker

Fitbit Charge 3 Fitness Activity Tracker in black

Fitbits are hugely popular and it is easy to see why. The sleek watch design makes it easy to keep track of your vitals and better measure your physical fitness. Whether your son wants to get into shape, or just wants to maintain their health, a Fitbit is a great gift idea.


 3. Boys’ Sleepy-Time Pillowcase

Boys’ Sleepy-Time Pillowcase with blue and green background

Younger boys love to have a theme to their toys or room. Whether everything is sports, dinosaurs, animals, or cars, they always have a current favorite. These pillows can add to their décor by being printed with their favorite things, as well as their name to make it even more special. There are plenty of options to accommodate their changing fads.


 4. Bicycle Winglights

Bicycle Winglights in black

Biking is a great way to get around and get some exercise. But it does come with some inherent risks. While visibility is always an issue, turning is also incredibly dangerous. To help keep your son safe and visible to others on the road, it is a good idea to have wing lights. They act as turn signals, making it easy to indicate which direction you are going, no matter how dark it is. No matter how old your son is, safety is always important, and this is a good way to prevent potential problems.


5. Travel Tech Dopp Kit

Travel Tech Dopp Kit in gray

Whether it is to another continent, another state, or just a weekend trip, it is hard to travel without the tech we all use each day. This travel tech drop kit will make it easy to make sure you have all your chargers, batteries, and any other accessories you need for your devices. That way there is never a worry about finding a charger, no matter how far from home you are. This will help guarantee your son always has a way to keep his devices charged so you can reach him.



 6. 2 in 1 Pop Up Lantern Bluetooth Speaker

2 in 1 Pop Up Lantern Bluetooth Speaker

If your son is more of an outdoorsy kind of guy, it can be a good idea to give them a gift of some high-quality gear. This pop-up lantern doubles as a Bluetooth speaker, making it great for camping, or just a backyard gathering. The compact design makes it easy to pack and travel with, and the easy to use controls keeps everything simple.


 7. Nimble Made Dark Brown Leather Passport Cover

brown passport cover

For an avid traveler, it is important to make sure you have all your essentials in a secure and easy to reach place. This dark brown leather passport cover works to hold both your passport, ID cards, and even some cash, making it work like a larger wallet. This allows you to put everything in this sleek and slim cover, and only have to keep track of one crucial item as you travel. This not only is a gift for a traveling son, but reassurance for any nervous parents that things have been made a little simpler.


 8. Metal Tag Key Chain

Metal Tag Key Chain

Everyone carries keys on a daily basis. What better way to give your some a reminder of you, while still giving something practical, like a customized keychain. This dark chrome stainless steel dog tag is engraved with a personal message from you. It can be up to three lines of text with 16 individual characters, and you can put whatever you want on it. The engraving is done with a laser, and there is an epoxy top for added texture. This will also be a unique way to identify his keys if he ever loses them.


 9. Pocket Knife

Pocket Knife in silver

A pocket knife is an incredibly handy piece of equipment. Whether it is for work, outdoor sports, hobbies, or just to have on hand, pocket knives can be used almost anywhere. This particular pocket knife makes a great gift because it is a quality stainless steel blade with a beautiful wooden handle. The handle can be engraved via a laser with up to three initials to add a personal touch, and comes with a belt clip.


 10. Nimble Made Classic Dark Gray Dress Socks


gray dark wool socks

Socks may seem like an unexciting gift at first, but for a professional, the right dress sock is important. Whether you are in the office, an event, or any other formal occasion, dress socks allow you to quite literally put your best foot forward. These dark gray dress socks work for almost any outfit or occasion, making them simple to match up and easy to look nice. The cotton material is soft and breathable, making them wearable all year long, and can easily become a staple of your son’s wardrobe. The best part, they don’t have to shop for them.


 11. Eco Friendly Whale Journal Notebook

brown spiral notebook with black side

Does your son enjoy journaling? If so, this eco-friendly and 100% vegan notebook is a great gift idea. The notebook is beautifully laser engraved, making it look professional, yet also fitting for anything he wants to fill the 50 lined pages with. This unique journal is made with recyclable materials and has a gorgeous natural bamboo veneer.


12. Hugs From Far Away Throw Pillow

Hugs From Far Away Throw Pillow variety of colors

While this may not seem like a typical son's gift, a hug pillow can provide him with a reminder that there are people who love and support him, no matter where he is. A simple gesture, the ability to remember someone is there during the difficult times is a great comfort.  


14. Wireless Headphones and Charging Bank

Wireless Headphones and Charging Bank

These earbuds are small, easily fit in the ear, and are perfect for talking on the phone or listening to music. Your son has no excuse not to talk to you now! All joking aside though, these earbuds are designed for comfort, and so they can easily be worn when your boy is running, jogging, late for class or work, or even just at home. They’re great for traveling to come and visit you too. Just let your son know that he can talk on them for over three hours, and with this charging bank, they’ll be ready to work in an hour and a half.


15. Men’s Five-Star Plush Robe

Men’s Five-Star Plush Robe

There’s nothing better than relaxing in a robe as luxurious and soft as this one, which is the same type that’s used at nice hotels. Help your son relax with this high-quality robe that’s perfect for after showering, and which goes all the way down to mid-calf. You can even personalize a name or initial right on the front pocket for him.


16. Men’s Bracelet Tiger Eye and Black Onyx

Men’s Bracelet Tiger Eye and Black Onyx

Not all men like to wear bracelets, but it’s hard for any man to refuse this tiger eye and black onyx bracelet. The beads themselves are frosted to look nice, and the bracelet itself is so casual that it’s something that can be worn to work every day without it standing out too much. Just give them the size that you need for your son and they’ll make a bracelet to fit just right. You can even customize your order just a little bit if you want something truly special.


17. Nimble Made Classic Solid Black Tie

Nimble Made Classic Solid Black Tie

Every man needs a black tie. Buy your son this staple part of their wardrobe that they’ll be wearing for years to come. This specific tie is made to be slim and comfortable, looking great with white dress shirts especially. The polyester is both long-lasting and durable, while the slim style makes it perfect for both formal and even more informal events.


18. Any Message Ceramic Mug

group of 3 personalizable mugs

Some mornings, your son will need just a little bit of your love—along with their morning coffee to help wake them up. Write in a little personalized message that he’ll see every time he picks up the cup, and when he’s ready to wash it, it’s easy considering that this mug is made of stoneware. With the braised bottom, he won’t need to worry about that hot coffee burning the counter either. Just pick out red or blue for him and start thinking about your message.


19. Engraved Pen and Box Set

Engraved Pen and Box Set in black box and white pen

There’s nothing quite like a pen and box set like this to get your son started on his first steps into the adult world. Polished to look like a mirror, you can engrave a special message for him right on top so that he knows just how much he means to you. The velvet lining inside is soft and sturdy, while the pen inside will be something that he’ll be able to keep using for years to come.


20. Race Strips Car Mat

Race Strips Car Mat

If your son wants to keep his car clean, or just can’t turn down a good car mat, he’ll love these racing strips car mat. They’ll add just a little extra zip to your son’s car, and it helps that they’re completely easy to clean and won’t slip either. Especially if he lives in a place with a lot of snow or rain, these mats will be perfect for him. Personalize the mat you get with a small message or his name, and pick out the colors he’ll like most.


21. Personalized Embroidered Baseball Cap

customized black baseball cap

This is a simple gift, but it’s something that your son will love when they put it on their head. You can choose from 26 different colors for him, not to mention that you can place a personalized message on this cap. It’s an authentic cap too, with a 6-panel design and pre-curved peak, and of course, it’s made with 100 percent cotton.


22. iPhone Mini Fan

lime green fan with specs

During those hot summer months when your boy is staring at his phone and scrolling through emails, phone calls, or just social media, he’ll love having this fan attached. All he’ll need to do it click the fan right into the charging port and it’ll get to work. It’s great to have on a busy train or during hot walks outside too—anywhere your son is on the go, he can have this with him.


23. Slam Dunk Metal Sign

slam dunk metal sign

It can be hard for your son to figure out how to personalize his first apartment or his room wherever he is. To help him out, if he’s a basketball fan, you can pick up this Slam Dunk Metal Sign for him. It’s made of durable metal with 4 holes pre-drilled into it, so it’ll be easy for him to hang up anywhere he has in mind.






24. Turtle Beach - Ear Force Recon 50X Stereo Gaming Headset

Turtle Beach - Ear Force Recon 50X Stereo Gaming Headset in green and black

Help your son enjoy his days off, or his music when he’s going to work, with these gaming headphones. They come with a built-in microphone, a range of frequency responses, and a universal plug for any device he might have. He’ll notice how lightweight and easy to use they are the moment he slips them on, and will love the volume and mute on the cable too.


25. Stars Wars Jedi Mule Slippers

Stars Wars Jedi Mule Slippers in brown

There’s nothing quite like waking up and slipping your feet into something as soft as these Star Wars slippers. If your son is a Star Wars fan, he’ll appreciate them too. They’re made from 100 percent polyester with a high-quality emblem embroidered right on the outside, so he can keep using them for years to come.




You don’t need to worry about buying a gift that your son will like, not when you have so many wonderful options readily available right here. Pick out one or a few that your son will absolutely love; they’re the perfect way to show your love and affection.