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27 Best Gifts for Brothers

When it comes to buying gifts, there are plenty of options for your parents, friends, significant others, and even your grandparents. Even sisters have a market dedicated to celebrating that sibling relationship. But the brotherly bond seems to be skipped over when gift suggestions come up. To help show your brother you care, and give him something he will like, there are some great ideas you can consider.


27 Best Gifts for Your Brother

1. Wilken Apple AirPod Case with AirPod Cleaning Kit

Wilken Apple AirPod Case with AirPod Cleaning Kit

    Air pods are a highly popular Apple product these days. But while the wire- free design is great while wearing them, it does make it easier to lose them. This carrying case comes in six different colors and has three options for attaching it to your bag or person. Inexpensive and compact, this product also comes with a cleaning kit for your air pods.


    2. Nimble Made Men’s White Dress Shirt

    nimble made classic white dress shirt slim fit

    Every man needs a classic white dress shirt in their wardrobe. Whether it is for work, an event, or just a nice day out, a white button-up dress shirt is a staple in your closet. This particular dress shirt is a great option because it is designed to prevent the shirt from looking too shiny, and has sky blue accents in the collar lining.


     3. Docking Station Gift for Men

    docking station in brown

    A docking station is always a great gift option for a brother because it perfectly accommodates all their needs. Available in eight different wood colors, you can also have you brother’s name engraved in it, making it much more personal. A spot for a wallet, watch, sunglasses and phone are all incorporated, making sure they won’t leave their home without the essentials. The designated spot for the phone even comes with a hole so you can plug it in to charge.


    4. Sony MDRZX110/BLK ZX Series Stereo Headphones

    sony Headphones in black


    Headphones are a classic gift for any brother, especially one that loves gaming. These headphones come with or without a microphone attached, leaving it up to your brother’s preferences. They are lightweight with lots of padding to keep your ears comfortable for hours of use. 



    5. Nimble Made Red & Silver Tie Clip

    red and gold nimble tie clip

    While tie clips may seem more like a dad gift, you may be surprised just how useful these accessories are. Holding a tie in place prevents unwanted dips or snags. This will keep your brother looking sharp and preventing any embarrassing moments with their ties around the office or at a party. The simple, yet elegant design of this clip incorporates red and silver, while still staying muted enough to not steal the show.   


    6. Guitar Glasses Set of 4

    guitar shot glasses

    For a music loving brother, you can consider these guitar print glasses. They add a nice personal touch to a necessity in any home, and can remind your brother of you every time they drink out of one.  


    7. J.Crew 9” Oxford Shorts for Men

    J.Crew 9” Oxford Shorts for Men in light blue

    Brothers aren’t always the best when it comes to shopping for dressier clothes. To give your brother a thoughtful gift that also serves a purpose, consider adding some nice pieces to their wardrobe. These shorts from J. Crew will look stylish paired with almost anything, and it will prevent your brother from showing up to important events in gym shorts.


     8. Nimble Made Classic Solid Navy Blue Tie

    solid blue tie

    Ties are often thought of as the standard dad gift, but they are actually a smart idea for a brother in need of some fashion help. No matter what age, every man will need to own a tie at one time in their lives for special events or work. This is a great option for a gift because it is beautiful, yet still neutral color, making it highly versatile in many outfits. This shade of blue also goes with any skin tone and can easily become your brother’s new go to.


    9. Polk Audio Atrium Outdoor Speakers

    Polk Audio Atrium Outdoor Speakers in white

    Outdoor speakers are a fantastic gift idea for your brother because they are something that can be used anywhere. These speakers come in white or black, and even come with speed lock mounting, making them easy to set up. This can be great for any weather and is durable enough to travel around. Your brother will be the life of the party with these.


    10. Navy Submarine Style Sweater

    Navy Submarine Style Sweater

    Depending on the weather where you live, cold temperatures can mean lots of heavy layers. To help make sure your brother stays warm and cozy, while still looking good, opt for a basic navy turtleneck sweater. These sweaters are handmade and sold directly from the maker themselves, making it extra special because it was made just for him. 


    11. Men's Worlds Okayest Brother Shirt Funny T Shirts

    Men's Worlds Okayest Brother Shirt Funny T Shirts

    For the family with a sense of humor, this tee shirt is a great opportunity to get a laugh and make your brother smile whenever he sees the shirt. It is available from size small to 5x, you can choose between six colors and guarantee your brother looks great while wearing the “truth”.


    12. Authentic Football Stadiums Relic Watches

    Authentic Football Stadiums Relic Watches

    For a football fan, you should consider getting them a piece of history from historic games. The face of the watch is made from the salvaged seats from places like Green Bay’s Lambeau fields or the University of Michigan’s Wolverine’s stadium. This means that there are only so many watches that can be made before this opportunity is gone forever. The watch itself is slim and designed to be neutral, letting you wear it everyday to show off this amazing piece of sports history. 



    13. J.Crew Nike Killshot 2 Sneakers

    J.Crew Nike Killshot 2 Sneakers

    Some guys are really into shoes. Whether it is another pair for their collection, or just a new stylish pair to spice up his wardrobe, the Nike Killshot 2’s is a great choice. The off-white color, dark blue symbol and tan bottoms are neutral, yet still stylish.


    14. Nimble Made Classic Black Dress Socks

    black nimble made dress socks

    Socks are an essential item for any guy. Save your brother the effort of getting them himself and give him a pair of these soft, breathable cotton socks. They’re a classic black color that makes them great for both dressy and casual outfits, so he’ll definitely be able to get some use out of them.


    15. J. Crew 250 Skinny-Fit Chino Stretch Pants

    Chino Stretch Pants in brown

    A good pair of pants is hard to find. These skinny-fit chinos are a great gift for a brother that likes to look good. Made from a cotton and elastane blended material, they’re super soft, but have some stretch allowing for the perfect fit. They’re ideal for both casual and business casual outfits and there are 6 color options so you can decide what best fits his personality. 


    16. SprezzaBox Subscription

    SprezzaBox Subscription sample

    This is a gift that keeps giving. A subscription to SprezzaBox will send your brother a monthly box of items curated especially for him by the Sprezza style team. Depending on his style, he might receive things like wallets, socks, watches, sunglasses, grooming products and more. This monthly box will have him looking sharp and fresh everyday. 


    17. Grey Crossbody Felt Shoulder Bag

    Grey Crossbody Felt Shoulder Bag

    This is a great gift for a bro on the go. If he’s a student or a businessman who always has things to carry around, this bag will help ensure he always has everything he needs and can comfortably carry it all. It’s made with a long, natural leather strap that’s durable and is sure to last. You can customize how thick you want the strap to be and what color you prefer. 


    18. Spikeball Game Set

    Spikeball Game Set

    Made famous on Shark Tank, Spikeball is a game similar to volleyball and is perfect for tailgating, parties, beaches or the backyard. This set comes in a convenient drawstring bag that includes an adjustable neck with foldable legs and 4 Spikeball balls. This is a great gift if your brother likes sports and staying active, because Spikeball will definitely have him breaking a sweat.


    19. Nimble Made Tan Men’s Slim Leather Wallet

    nimble made tan wallet going in pants

    This slim wallet is made from durable, genuine cowhide leather. The slim profile means it fits easily into your pant pockets without looking too bulky. It features a minimalist sleeve that conveniently holds cards without adding a lot of extra weight. You can choose from 3 designs and colors, including blue or brown floral and simple matte brown. 


    20. Theragun liv Percussive Massager

    Theragun liv Percussive Massager

    Give your brother the gift of a deep muscle treatment any time. This massager was designed to effectively relieve muscle tension and soreness while accelerating muscle repair and activation. It has a comfortable easy to hold handle so he can get those hard-to-reach spots. This is a great gift for brothers that are very active in the gym, play sports or work labor intensive jobs that are always leaving them sore and achy. 


    21. Bluetooth Speaker & Water Bottle

    Bluetooth Speaker & Water Bottle

    This is a unique gift that’s perfect for the gym, camping, hiking and more. The bottle itself is made from stainless steel and holds 17oz of liquid. The speaker is embedded right in the cap of the water bottle and is charged with a USB cable through an outlet, computer or in the car, so that they don’t ever have to worry about carrying batteries with them. It quickly connects to any Bluetooth device so he can enjoy his music and stay hydrated anywhere. 


    22. Simple Chef Air Fryer

    Simple Chef Air Fryer

    If your brother likes to cook at home, this air fryer will allow him to enjoy healthier versions of the fried food he loves. He can make everything from crispy chicken wings and french fries, to just heating up some leftover pizza. It makes crispy, crunchy foods without all of the extra oil and grease. All he has to do is plug it in, toss the food in the basket and set the timer.


    23. Cotton-Blended Braided Belt

    Cotton-Blended Braided Belt

    This cotton belt is a great alternative to the traditional leather belts. The braided cotton material is inspired by the ropes on a ship, giving it a kind of sporty, sailor style. It has a classic silver buckle and leather detail on the end for sharp, sophisticated finish. There are 3 color options so you can choose the one that best fits your brother’s personal style. 


    24. Nintendo NES Classic Mini EU Console

    Nintendo NES Classic Mini EU Console

    This mini console is a real blast from the past. It’s based off of the original NES that was released in 1985 and just plugs right into your TV and comes with one controller. The best part is that it comes with 30 pre-installed games, so he can start playing immediately without having to go look for compatible games. It includes favorites like Super Mario Bros 1, 2 and 3; Donkey Kong; and the Legend of Zelda.


    25. J. Crew Stretch-on-Demand Jeans

    J. Crew Stretch-on-Demand Jeans

    For a brother who likes to be in on the latest trends, a pair of super cozy, extra stretchy skinny jeans is an awesome idea. By J. Crew, these jeans have a tastefully worn-out look that goes great with a pair of slip on shoes or boots. 







    26. Custom Morse Code Bracelet

    Custom Morse Code Bracelet

    No brother is too cool for a sleek black bracelet - especially this one. Designed by an individual Etsy seller, these stylish morse code bracelets are customizable and versatile. The seller can engrave your choice of quote or phrase onto a bracelet that's guaranteed to make your brother smile. 


    27. Adidas Cap

    Adidas Cap

    No good wardrobe is complete without a classic baseball cap. This cap by Adidas is ideal for completing any wardrobe, with its sleek black design and relaxed fit. Not to mention the impressive Adidas logo on the front!


    Benefits of Giving Your Brother A Gift

    Improves Emotional Connection

    It's no secret that giving a gift is a personal act. Regardless of who the exchange is between, gift giving improves whatever connection is present. For you and your brother, it helps to improve the natural sibling bond that you have.


    Maintains your wellbeing

    They say that giving is a crucial part of staying healthy. So, why not give your brother a gift? Not only does gift giving make your brother happy, but it also maintains your emotional health, too! This is because giving gifts releases oxytocin, the feel good hormone

    It also increases empathy and promotes feelings of gratitude, as well as a thorough joy when your brother practically swoons over your gift. 


    Attracts positive karma

    According to the popular saying “what you give is what you get”, if you give a gift with good intentions, you’ll be rewarded with good. This is true in a psychological sense and is strongly believed by many successful psychologists.


    Considerations In Choosing a Gift For Brothers

    Likes and dislikes

    First things first, you'll want to get a good idea of what your brother does and doesn't like. To do this, writing a list is helpful. Make either two lists - one for each- or one list with a divider, where you can layout a column of each. Does he like bacon? Great! Hate a certain color? Wonderful! All of the small details can help. 

    For a unique gift, you can try to combine multiple likes. Does your bacon loving brother also love receiving packages in the mail? Get him a bacon subscription box! Ideas w are endless. 



    If your brother is an adult, he probably has needs that aren't met by your parents or whoever raised you. Even if he has his own income, there are probably a few items that he needs but never bothers to buy. 

    For example, socks. Everyone needs socks - but let's face it, socks aren't at the top of most people's list. Next time you're in your brother's space, be mindful of mundane things that are broken or old.

    If you opt to go for something he needs, try to make it interesting. Star Wars socks with pizzas on them, anyone?

    This being said, make sure you avoid potentially offensive gifts. Gifts like deodorant, soap, weight loss books or supplements, and other gifts that could hit a nerve if he is sensitive are best avoided. 


    His style

    By this we mean whether your brother likes to have an assortment of items and objects for display purposes or would rather have only items with a practical use. 

    If he likes to be practical, your best bet would be to adhere to that preference. If you buy him a fancy decorative vase, he"d likely keep it - he is your brother after all! - but it would probably end up in a closet, as it doesn't have a particular purpose to him. 


    What he already has

    While it can be tempting to buy your brother his favorite jeans in a new color because you know he'll wear them, it kind of defeats the purpose of being creative in gift giving.

     If he already has a million pairs of something, try not to add another to the collection unless it falls into the "need" category that we just talked about. Even if it does, be mindful of how many items he has. You wouldn't want to give him another package of funny cat socks if he already has three unopened packages in his dresser drawer!


    Dreams and goals

    Has your brother always dreamt of being a photographer? How about an artist? 

    You could always consider the idea of helping him realize his dreams. Buy him a camera or an art set, or maybe even a giant canvas and some paints. Also, if he has a long term goal in place that you'd be able to help him meet, consider that option, too.  


    From jeans to a new hat, your brother will love any of the gifts we’ve recommended. They are practical, tasteful, and show how much you care without being over-the-top mushy.