PEOPLE Magazine Calls Us a "Brand That Uplifts the AAPI Community" – Nimble Made

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PEOPLE Magazine Calls Us a "Brand That Uplifts the AAPI Community"

9 Women Who've Launched Asian American-Inspired Brands That Uplift the AAPI Community

Read the full feature at People Magazine.

This APAHM, we're celebrating our place in history, business, and culture. I'm excited to be on this list by People Magazine alongside Asian women founders who are uplifting the Asian/API community with their brands!

👉 List of brands & Asian founders mentioned:
  • Jaclyn Fu of Pepper, an unapologetic bra brand that celebrates small-chested women
  • Nadya Okamoto of PERIOD, a global non-profit fighting to eliminate period poverty and stigma
  • Vanessa Pham of Omsom, food brand that makes pantry shortcuts for proud, loud Asian home cooking
  • Tanya Zhang of Nimble Made, a men’s Actually Slim Fit dress shirt brand inspired by Asian Americans
  • Katerina Jeng of Slant'd, a platform cultivating the community that Asian Americans want, need, and deserve
  • Ali Heiss of Amarilo, a jewelry brand that makes solid gold, modern pieces that elevate a woman’s everyday style
  • Sasha Suresh of Jolii Cosmetics, a clean, cruelty-free, vegan, fuss-free makeup brand
To lift up and help share more visibility on the incredible stories and experiences of Asian women, I collaborated with a few of these amazing women to create a TikTok:

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Tanya Zhang of Nimble Made

With the goal of creating slim-fit shirts that are actually slim and snug in fit, Tanya Zhang and her partner Wesley Kang founded a dress shirt company that caters to AAPI men.

“Growing up, I’d go with my dad to Macy’s and JCPenney at the mall only to find that the smallest size for any clothing was still too big on him,” she told HuffPost in September 2019. “The sleeves were too long and baggy, the chest and back had too much excess room, the shirt looked like a dress on him ― he was completely drowning in fabric.”

“American dress shirts don’t fit me,” Zhang remembers her father telling her at the time. Determined to show him otherwise, Zhang and Kang created their tops with shorter and better fitted sleeves and trimmed fabric around the chest, back and shoulder areas at a price point that ranges from $65 to $80.

 Excerpt & full article by Diane J. Cho.