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Happy #APAHM2020 🎉

May is Asian Pacific American Heritage Month! A whole month dedicated to celebrating and reflecting on the achievements and contributions of Asian/Pacific Americans. In this time of hardship, xenophobia, and uncertainty, we’re excited to celebrate this time that’s just for us.  

Building a Community

  • 6+ states we’ve collaborated in 
  • 52+ slim fit dress shirts worn
  • 600+ images captured where 92% of models were Asian
  • 100% people of color/women creatives

Our mission for more Asian representation in fashion creates opportunities to collaborate with those in our own diverse communities. We sourced creative talent through awesome groups like Asian Creative Network. We worked with people of color, women, and Asian photographers, models, motion designers, videographers to build Nimble Made with us.📷 💻 Not only do our awesome community creatives kill it on the job, but they also have more than one side hustle and are all crazy ambitious and passionate about what they do! (We thought we worked hard but these are the true hustlers). We interviewed them to bring out their great work ethic and showcase their work. Here they are: https://www.nimble-made.com/pages/our-community-creatives


nimble made community creatives 

Asian American Representation is Essential

Seeing is believing. Seeing people who look like you on the news or on the red carpet sends a message that if they can do it, so can you. Asian representation in media is integral to breaking the bamboo ceiling. Diverse representation convinces that people of color can rock the boat and make it to the other side of the river – in other words –  it builds a mindset that Asians can be successful in any venue and opens the gate for inclusivity and open-mindedness for all. And we’re pretty good at it too...I mean, Jackie Chan, Ruby Ibarra, Sandra Oh 💯

“The largely affluent and dynamic Asian American consumer segment must be viewed as an integral opportunity for any marketer or provider of goods and services.” – Diverse Intelligence Series, Neilson.

So what's next?

Read the interviews above and feel free to reach out if you find someone awesome you’d like to work with! If you have any thoughts or questions, chat us in our live chat below. Stay safe and happy connecting.

- Tanya Zhang, Co-Founder